Taurus CAREER Horoscope

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Taurus Career:

Careers to do with care industry-like hospitality(nurses), hotels or restaurants where you again take care of pleasures and comfort of people is suitable or you.

Also governmental position,music,art, gardening and flowers.

Sweet drinks and fluids related work is generally lucky for you.

Avoid being insistent in you views at work. You have to ensure that you don’t become very picky or rigid as far as career choices or your behavior with people around is concerned. Your own initiatives(Business or something you start on your own) may not give definite results.
Careers That Suit You :
You are a responsible, caring, sensitive and gritty person. The grit comes from the bull, and caring & sensitivity comes from Venus.
You could be good hosts, caring people and good at collecting details. Needed in any job for that matter.
Your best fit is where you could help other people to be comfortable like hotels, restaurants etc.
You also need almost full control in the jobs that you work.

The golden mantra for you is forgive and let go people .

• Hotels or restaurant industry
• Hospitality industry
• HR= Human resources
• Teacher- you could be caring and great teacher
• Leadership roles or even management roles- you could be mother of the team, and trying to have all the details.
• music
• Physicians
• Acting roles
Your Lucky Years:
24,33,42,56,30, 25,43, 51(mixed), 66,60
Your Lucky months:
February, October, November
March and December, would be OK.
Your Lucky Dates:
15,8,16(mixed results), 24,6,30
Bosses Who Could Push You Up in the ladder
Aquarius, Libra’s, Your own sign Taurus, Scorpio

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