Suresh Raina Left handed batsman Of Indian Cricket Player -2016 Horoscope based on Vedic Astrology



What is the real Suresh Raina from within? What awaits him in Indian cricket team, in the year 2016? Discover all this by science  Vedic astrology

Name: Suresh Raina

Date of Birth: Thursday, November 27, 1986

Time of Birth: 12:00:00

Place of Birth: Ghaziabad

Longitude: 77 E 26

Latitude: 28 N 40

Time Zone: 5.5


Astrology 2016 Horoscope & Predictions for Suresh Raina:

  • The ascendant lord of Suresh Raina is Capricorn rashi ruled by Lord Saturn. This rashi/sign  describes the ankles of the kala purusha (various parts of the human body have astrological correspondence). It’s a movable rashi  and is an active sign, with windy disposition.
  • This discipline of Saturn could give the key to success to Indian cricket team player Suresh Raina .The windy nature gives the basic swiftness to his batting and yes bowling of Suresh Raina .
  • The lord of Capricorn sign is the planet of discipline and order that is sani/Saturn. This sign has earth element dominant, so gives the basic stability on earth(pitch) that any batsman needs)
  • Suresh Raina’s ascendant Lord is in XIth house of gains, Suresh Raina   will generally get  with gains and have admirable  good qualities,he  would also  have  fame and also proper pleasure and gains from  wife or spouse.
  • The strength is in the southern direction. That is playing in southern India and Australia or new-zealand would be helpful for Suresh Raina .
  • We know in his 2014-15 tour of Australia Suresh raina has been included into India’s test squad after almost a gap of two years. Suresh  Raina was selected in the final Test match at Sydney, this was under the captainship  of Virat Kohli of the Indian cricket team. Later on, he announced his return to form in the Tri-Series with a flamboyant 51 against Australians. You can see how Australia helped him to come back!
  • Capricorn generally gives a large body with large body and variegated complexion and is found in forest and land. So Suresh Raina   might take interest in outings in far flung areas of forests and land travel as well.
  • The first half of the sign is four legged (quadruped) and the second half is footless that moves in water.
  • There is an element of tamoguna , demoniac nature in Capricorn, means the success in western games like cricket is guaranteed.

2016 horoscope predictions for Suresh raina

  • In Year 2016, Jupiter gets into his house 8th              of  Suresh Raina. So naturally his   interest in occult studies could increase. It would be a balle balle year for him and with high energy and gains.There could be un expected gains  in fortune as sun sits in 8th house of suresh. Interest in occult and tantra/astrology may grow. Expected sudden gain  in fortune possible. May not be very  good for  father’s health but good land deals.


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