Sunil Bharti Mittal CEO Airtel-2016 horoscope predictions ,what He Shares In Common with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg


Sunil Bharti Mittal CEO Airtel-2016 horoscope predictions ,what He Shares In Common with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg


What is common between airtlel CEO Sunil Bharti Mittal (the Indian telecommunications wizard) with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Birth Data & Other Data of Sunil Bharti Mittal CEO Airtel:

Name: Sunil Bharti Mittal

Date of Birth: 23 October 1957

Time of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Mumbai

Numerology 2016 Horoscope & Predictions for Sunil Bharti Mittal (CEO Airtel):

Dob: 23 October 1957

Popular Name: Sunil Bharti Mittal

Birth Name: Sunil Bharti Mittal


  • Birth number = 23 = 2+3=5=Planet Mercury

Planet Mercury deals with communications  as well as business. So let us see below what other forces make him a wizard in the area of communications to set up a world class Indian telecommunications company airtel & he becoming the CEO.

  • The sun sign for 23 October = Libra & Scorpio= Ruled By Planet Venus and Mars Both.

His mercury and Venus combination give him the connection of telecommunications with home(That is India). So we know where he would apply his knowledge or natural skills.Being CEO of world class company airtel has provided him the opportunity to help is fellow brethrens though telecommunications.

  • Now let us look at Sunil Bharti Mittal’s destiny. What Sunil Bharti Mittal (CEO Airtel)  was destined to do.

Destiny Number =  23 Oct 1957 = 23(=2+3=5) + 10(1+0 =1) + 1957(=1+9+5+7=22/4) = 5+1+4 = 10 = 1+0 =1= Planet SUN

So he is born to be a leader in communications, business etc as per the planet mercury. Let us investigate further.

  • Name number of Sunil Bharti Mittal = 5 = Planet Mercury(The planet to do with business and communication). Oops, so here with this excess mercury energy we get the reason on why Sunil Bharti Mittal is so much into Indian COMMUNICATION Industry (airtel deal with communications)!!!
  • That also a leader in telecommunications of India due to his Planet SUN as the destiny Number. He is living his destiny well indeed.
  • His motivation number , that is heart number = sum of vowels of his name = UI(from Sunil) + AI(form Bharti) + IA(Mittal) = 3+ 1+1 = 5 = MERCURY!!! Oh, so now we know why is a so DEEP INTO TELEC OMMUNICATIONS for India!!!


2016 horoscope predictions for Sunil Bharti Mittal

  • 2016= 2+0+1+6 = 9 = Mars, mars is not very comfortable with numbers(mercury) of Sunil Bharti Mittal.
  • Mars and Mercury together mean, there could be a lot of work or excess of work that could be done by airtel(in India)- but there might be outages and issues due to not being able to handle the same.
  • There could be issues and outages in their Indian telecommunications network more than expected for this year.

Common Numbers Between Sunil Bharti Mittal & Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg?:

  • One can clearly See strong influence of planet Mercury comes up in Both of their charts. That is Between Sunil Bharti Mittal & Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s number chart.
  • Mercury and Mercury and also Venus influence is common, so Sunil bharti mittal did it for his home land India(getting internet to home to home  level) and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did  communications for every home. That is facebook that connects us a personal level. Personal levels are rules by planet Venus.
  • So the basic energies in common between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and airtel CEO Sunil Bharti Mittal are number 5 and 6 = planet mercury and venus.

Astrology 2016 Horoscope & Predictions for Sunil Bharti Mittal:

  • No reliable time of birth data available for him to predict about Indian telecommunications wizard airtel CEO Sunil Bharti Mittal.


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