Saptamsa Divisional Horoscope Or Varga birth Chart

saptamsa divisional horoscope varga birth chart

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  • The article below discusses various 7 divisions in the saptamsha chart or kundali and meaning of various house of the saptamsha chart. Also it discusses at length about smt. priyanka Gandhi ji’s children in detail.

What kind of information about children is there in the saptamsha or d7 chart?

  • Now let us look at the information that is stored in the  lagna chart fifth house and yes the d7 or saptamasha chart.
  • This is to do with Mantra Siddhi, love affairs ,marriage happiness from marriage as well . This may also include children plus and come direct impact present life of children  and Grand children,.

Now let’s look at what each  house in the D7 saptamsha  chart looks for:

  • Like the first house in the saptamsha chart tell you promise of having children and also your luck factor that  you have from your kids
  • The second house suggest the Karmic influences of a past life that is come into this life and also wealth as the second house is of wealth.
  • 3rd house(Third house) in saptamsha kundali deals with the general acts of courage by children the fruit of your past life Karma happiness .
  • The fourth house  of saptamsha kundali  is the happiness from the children
  • The fifth house deals with how a person enjoys this life and his or her  is mental inclination and intelligence as well.
  • The sixth house of saptamsha kundali  tells about the problems from children the diseases of children partner on account of child as
  • The seventh bhava as the 7th house is 3 from fifth bhava relation, it suggests  achievement of child.
  • The eighth house or 8th house longevity of the relationship with the opposite sex and the longevity of children in the life of children
  • The ninth house of saptamsha kundali   deals with grandchildren and luck of children
  • The tenth house disease of children and the care they get from parents actions of children in general as tenth bhava is the house of karma .
  • The 11th house saptamsha kundali gains from children and desires of the parents from progeny.
  • 12th the twelfth house   of saptamsha kundali  Deals with longevity of progeny, expenses occurred in nurturing of children

What is Saptamsa Or Varga birth Chart & How to Calculate the same?
Then Saptamsa is 1/7 of the Rashi or sign commences from the same sign in case of any odd sign like Aries, Gemini.
It is the 7th sign from the current sun sign if it is an even sign, Taurus,cancer.
The name of seven dubs divisions of the sun sign are :
• Kshaar
• Ksheer
• Dadhi
• Grith
• Lkshu
• Ras
• Madhaya
• Shudha jala
In case of even sign(like Taurus, cancer, virgo ) or rashi this above sequence is reversed.

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Priyanka Gandhi children’s Horoscope- what does it say about her children.

 saptamsa divisional horoscope varga birth chart horoscope priyanka d7

  • Sonia Gandhi Priyanka Gandhi Lagna Lord in the 12th house better Twitter strong Jupiter in the that good energy to starter Saturn Jupiter by itself karaka and supporter children.
  • As the 5th bhava lord is in the 12th bhava so she needs to be a bit careful or the well being of the children. But again the great Jupiter protection is there for priyanka Gandhi ji.
  • The second bhava or house represents general wealth of children for priyanka it has Venus as well. so one clearly knows that the kids may spend a lot but would have a lot of wealth as well as Venus means opulence and wealth and also the 2nd bhava lord is in the twelfth bhava or house.
  • The third house of saptamsha kundali  for priyanka Gandhi ji is of general acts of courage by children or kids is Jupiter or guru for her and is strong but in 12th bhava with mars. also yes the kids would show good acts of courage and may work or study for sometime outside India.
  • Mars the lord of the fourth bhava represents happiness from children and of children. it is strong on the Jupiter dispositer but again in the 12th bhava so mental stress about kids would be there. but sure fair amount of happiness form children would also be there for priyanka Gandhi.
  • The fifth bhava lord or first child of priyanka Gandhi ji is ruled by Venus and is in the house of wealth and status and family. so she would get good happiness form the same and the child may stay close to her as per prime facie indications. Also priyanka would love family and comfort  and also her country India and culture and Jupiter is the dispositer for the planet Venus or shukra dev.
  • Mercury the lord of the sixth house of saptamsha kundali   sits in lagna and also the eighth bhava lord sun is into he sixth bhava. so she needs to take care of kids from negative people and drive carefully else all OK for priyanka
  • Moon is the lord of the seventh bhava is in the fifth bhava so clearly suggest a strong and stable affair of priyanka Gandhi ji with Robert vadra.
  • The eighth bhava lord sun is in the sixth house in mercury sign so longevity of kids is fair. also health of kids also needs basic care as eight bhava lord is in the sixth bhava.
  • The ninth bhava of saptamsha kundali of hers deals with grand children and luck of children. This has rahu in it so the kids have a higher chance to marry outside India or caste people. That may include Christians or muslims/jews  as rahu represent the same. Yes the grand kids would be there and she would enjoy the same as the lord of 9th bhava sits in the lagna.
  • The tenth house of bhava deals with disease of children and their actions as well.alo the care the children get from parents.venus the lord of the tenth bhava in the family bhava or the second bhava gives good strength to kids but basic care is needed. yes they may follow the family tradition of politics or atleast stay very close to parents.
  • The eleventh bhava of gains form children and desires of parents of what they cherish form progeny is there.Mars or Mangal the lord is strong in the 12th bhava.
  • So As the 11th lord is in the 12th bhava, the person may spend a fair enough of  earning on dharma/good or religious purposes. The eyesight is helped . children may have inclination of agriculture or natural products and they have to avoid being restless or roaming.
  • The twelfth bhava  of saptamsha kundali    represents the longevity of progeny and the expenses for the bringing up of children. one can clearly see Jupiter is in own house or bhava and is strong so suggest royal patronage and also mars is there so expenses on sports and royalty. mr. Robert vadhra is good sportsman and so was his father so this expenses on sports could be high.saturn being there so family sports would be there.