Sagittarius CAREER Horoscope

 Sagittarius career horoscope astrologySagittarius career job horoscope

Sagittarius Career:

You are a creative and warm/talented person;. But you have to guard on what you speak. Avoid being too impulsive and doing any loose talk. As this could fire-back.

You also have to be more democratic in your approach in dealing with people around.By your will power, concentration and creativity you could reach great heights in career.

You could do well in any profession, but especially to do with religious counselors, teachers ,lawyers or anything to do with creativity. You might also be very picky about what you do or may be a bit rigid at times. That’s what you have to control. You may move towards doing good for others or society or go for philosophy or religion.

You could do well in mathematics , especially involving deep thinking , business and all creative work. Also you could get into service industry or hospitality industry.

Careers That Suit You :
Your key planet in Jupiter- the planet for learning, teaching, doing good work for society, following the customs and conventions and all the good one could do for the society.

You have a very good concentration and a great passion and zeal.
You could do well in jobs that address above basic needs of yours. You have a great deal of compassion and creativity within you and also love for rules and conventions- which could be best utilized by your employer for benefit of yours and organization.

The golden mantra for you is avoid domination or any dictatorial attitude and avoid criticism.

• Jupiter gives great ability to teach and preach – so Trainers or being Teachers would suit you
• Jupiter deals with law and conventions- so one could become Legal advisers
• Jupiter rules money and finances(It’s a karaka for the same)- so one could become Financial advisers
• Physicians- as Jupiter/brihaspati deals with healing
• Religion is very much in your domain- so Religious leaders/preachers could be a good fit. Jupiter rules 9th house- house of dharma.
One needs to study the complete birth chart to see if Jupiter is strong and does not rules malefic houses.To know exactly which career could bring in laurels to you and which could bring in more obstacles, Your entire horoscope has to be studied & analyzed.
Your Lucky Years:
12,15(mixed effects),21,24(mixed effects),30,33,36,39,48,57,66,
Your Lucky months:
April, August, June
March (mixed effects) and December, would be fair.
Your Lucky Dates:
1,19,21,12, 27,24,28,30
Bosses Who Could Push You Up in the ladder
Aries, Leo, Gemini
Pisces and Sagittarius would be fair for you.