Planetary Strength Based on Placement

What is the planetary strength based on placement of planets in various signs is given below

A measure of strength helps in analyzing horoscope better.
Percentage of Effects.
a)A planet in exaltation gives fully good effects,
b)while planet in Mooltrikona it is less of its auspicious effects by one fourth.
c) the planet is half beneficial in its own Bhava or sign.
d)Its good effects is one fourth in a friendly rasi.
e) In an equal’s Rāśi one eighth of goodness disposition is useful.
f)The good effects are zero in debilitation, or enemy’s sign. Inauspicious effects are quite reverse with reference to what is stated above.
Planetary Strength Based on Placement
Say we want to measure the strength of sun. It is placed in Scorpio the sign of mars.
Now mars is natural friend of sun.In temporary relationship it is 4th from sun, this again is friendly, so over all sun is well placed in this chart and has 1/4th of strength.