Planetary Relationships

planetary relationhips

We always wonder, what is the the over all effects of relationship in our charts for say plant Saturn( which rules house 7 of wife) and say sun, which rules ascendant(the self) for a person’s horoscope . please reefr example given below.

Now This is judged based on resultant effect of two kinds of relationships of planets.
a) natural relationships.What planets are inclined to have naturally with each other.
b) temporary relationships- based on placement in any horoscope.

Regarding relationships – there is a Natural Relationships. So the rashis which are the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th from the Mooltrikona of a planet are friends. So like Virgo is mool trikona of planet mercury so, 6,7th- that is 7th rashi ruled by Venus is its friend. Also the Lord of its exaltation Rāśi.

There is Temporary Relationships as well. The planet , posited in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, or the 12th from another in your birth chart , becomes a mutual friend. There is enmity if not .

The resultant Relationship. Should two planets be naturally and temporarily friendly, they become very friendly. Friendship on one count and neutrality on another count make them just friendly. Enmity in one aspect combined with good relationships on the other turns into equality. Enmity and neutral ship cause only enmity as enmity dominates. Should there be enmity in both ways(natural + temporary relationships), much more enmity is obtained. The Jyotishi should consider these and declare horoscope effects accordingly.

In this kundli/horoscope lets analyze how sun and saturn relate to each other.
Now for natural relationship, Saturn mool trikona is Aquarius = 7th house and sun ,that rules 1st house is 7th from it- so sun and Saturn are natural enemies we all know.

temporarily Saturn is placed in 7th house and sun in 4th, so the distance between sun and Saturn is from 4th to 7th is 4 signs, so sun and saturn are temporarily friends.
So overall negative and positive makes its a neutral relationship for this chart.