Planet Saturn In Houses


SATURN in 1st House

You  could become philosophical in life. The amount of obstacles you face might be higher than average people usually face.

SATURN in  2nd house

Delays in what you deserve could be there in term of wealth and status. Your hard work would pay off for sure.

SATURN in 3rd house

You might connect more with older people. You might work with a disciplined approach if your Saturn is strong enough.

SATURN in  4th house

You  might be philosophically inclined. You might have some depression if Saturn is weak. Family life could also be affected.

SATURN in 5th house

You  might have delays in having kids. You might think a lot about the downtrodden people.

SATURN in 6th house

You will have to improve discipline levels.

You have to harmonize with downtrodden people and try to help them.

SATURN in 7th house

You  might have conflict of thought with your life partner. You could also be inclined to be philosophical.

SATURN in 8th house

You might gain in land deals. You should keep a distance between you and people who area against the society.

SATURN in 9th house

You  might have your own philosophy of religion. Luck would slowly shine for you.

You might have difference of opinion with your father.

SATURN in 10th house

Gains in career by well planned effort is seen. Delays in what you deserve in career could be there.

SATURN in 11th house

You might not gain much from your elder siblings. Delays in your gains could be there.

SATURN in 12th house

You have to avoid being too disciplined or rigid as this could harm you more.

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