PISCES 2016 Horoscope

 pisces 2016 horoscope astrology

PISCES  Year 2015 Horoscope Ending & 2016 Horoscope Overview:

You may be bubbling together with energy, utilize it to connect with people or maybe help other people. Let certain past is important close. Excess energy can be there- one may be for the top with the world with lots of energy in addition to creativity. Connection with larger teams of people, opting for outings, videos, good food are possible on this occasion. Good period  with regard to dharma/religion. Your emotional level could possibly be high in addition to needs management.

Unexpected windfalls possible. You may dig too much in religion or philosophy now. Take good care of father figures.Sudden gain in status, travels and money flows are possible. take good care of your knees.You may become more assertive now.

January & February 2018 could mean a mix of work and fun both, also guard on relationships. Stress could be there in relationships matters. Matters cannot be said to be very supportive.

March might mean a great time for you and also April. But April needs some control on nerves and relax. Lots of fun, outings ,religion focus and yes money matters being supportive. But be wary of fights or domination at your end.

May and October could better sensitive periods, family outings and more fun could be there. Keeping emotions in control and have fun.

June could be a time for fun, zest and lots of changes. Fair for money, socials and connecting to lot many people.
July is a fair time when your mind could be inclined to dharma/religion, being a bit restless and also connect to your old pals or friends and have fun. Doing Yoga and mediation could help.

August is a time when you could be full of energy but could also be a time of strong clashes with boss or life partner. Your sensitive side may come up more. Tiffs with your spouse ,lover or boss for power struggles is possible.

September is a warm & a sensitive time to enjoy family warmth and let it not any hard words spoil the same. Stay cool with family and office. Communicate with extra care now.

October could be a good time for close connection with family and love. Maintain your emotions, sensitivity with openness and warmth. Your inclinations to dharma could increase more now.
November could be a very high energy and intense & passionate time for outings and fun and getting work done.
Guard on anger and relationships. Enjoy the passion and energy but avoid rashness.
December is a great period for you to travel, connect to more people, enjoy and have fun, enjoy your holidays to full- have socials and do many other things.

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