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What is sri narendra modi ji’s(Indian prime minister’s)  true inner  personality. What awaits him in year 2016(2016 predictions). Discover all this by science vedic astrology

Name: Narendra Modi

Date of Birth: Sunday, September 17, 1950

Time of Birth: 11:00:00

Place of Birth: Mehsana

Longitude: 72 E 28

Latitude: 23 N 37

Time Zone: 5.5


Natal Horoscope Analysis and Predictions for Sri Narendra Modi Ji (Honourable prime Minister Of India):

  • Sri narendra modi ji is ruled by lagan as Scorpio(based on Vedic Astrology). Mars is the ruler of this sign Scorpio. The appearance of this sign is slim. The colour of this sign is reddish-brown –sri narendra modi’s colour matches the description of the sign.
  • Mars is the planet of action and in sri narendra modi’s case rules 6th and 1st. So it could give political enmity from people who are martial in nature or people who want to fight.
  • From vedic astrology perespective,Mars is in the hidden sign 8th sign Scorpio- also moon sis with mars in ascendant of sri narendra modi ji PLUS there is an aspect of Rahu. So over all it indicates one needs to be cautious from terrorist and rebellious people. The threat may not be very strong as mars is a bit weakly placed, so strength of 6th house lord is reduced.
  • The direction ruled by Scorpio is north. He would have gains in northern India (new Delhi suits India’s honorable prime minister sri narendra modi ji.).Scorpio is a passionate sign, and we know how passionate sri narendra modi ji is for service of people.
  • As the lord of lagan (ascendant) sits on itself (that is the 1st house), it gives the person physical strength and happiness. This is based on vedic astrology classics perspective.We know India’s prime minister has great physical prowess by practise of Yoga.
  • It gives person a bit restless disposition and good intelligence. Yes he is intelligent, as without this quality how could he reach such a high position. Also he is restless to help people and do something for his mother land India.

2016 horoscope predictions for sri narendra modi ji (honorable prime minister of India)

  • As Jupiter gets into Leo his 10th house and as Jupiter is weakened in 10th house in transit, but still it could give gains in career and expansion in his political career and good name.
  • It means betterment of family (his country, as prime minister’s family is his country) as aspect on 4th house of family and mind is there. More inclination to dharma and ethical living could come in. That is more focus on revival of ancient culture could be expected by sri narendra modi ji in year 2016.
  • Vedic astrology predicts,Some good gains in wealth and status of country could be there due to aspect on 2nd house (good for industrial growth and GDP). Also aspect on 7th could mean better relationships with other countries.
  • Rahu as per vedic astrology is a demon(dragon’s head)also transit in 10th house, aspects sri narendra modi’s 4th house and sends energy to 2nd house of wealth flows and status. It also aspects 5th

So over all gives a person the ability to do un conventional actions that are of sudden nature- that is he could take on the “make in India project” and “start up” stuff more aggressively and also take on the rebels, that is terrorists.

  • The person (here Indian prime minister) can take bold decisions as per the basic principles of vedic astrology. The mind could be troubled by low minded people or people who are rebellious (terrorist). These transits could cause trouble in country. We know there is some anxiety in India about the terror attacks but soon it would subside.
  • Sri narendra modi ji has to protect his dependents that are the country men and yes image of the country due to rahu transit, which he will be able to do very well.


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