Planet MOON, the Queen of the solar system. It represents the feminine aspect of Universe.


It is the ruler of the sun sign Cancer and is represented by number 2.

Moon stands for cooperation, consideration, fluidity, being artistic, romantic and represents changes just like the phases of the moon, also sensitivity and yes on the negative aspect it stands for deceit, nervousness, restlessness, stress, lack of confidence, being over sensitive or despondent, lack of continuity and confidence.

If the moon is strong in the horoscope or a person is born on 2, 11, 20 or 29th or on Mondays- he or she could have a mix of the qualities mentioned above. They could be very forceful in caring out their ideas (1+1= 2, or sun+sun = Moon), so Moon does have qualities of planet sun it . The qualities are more on the mental plane than the physical and  rarely people of moon are strong physically.

If you can build up good confidence, not many could match you.

The sun sign associated with number 2(two) is CANCER.

Aspects of Moon:

Moon aspects the 7th house  from where it sits. That means if your Moon is in 1st house of your horoscope, the Moon would aspect your 7th house of marriage and partnerships.
You Are Ruled by Planet Moon  if:

You are born on 2nd,11th,20th,29th of any month OR Planet Moon  is strong in your horoscope OR your ascendant or your moon is in Moon sign Cancer  in your birth chart.

How to Check How Strong is Moon in Your Horoscope : Simply Check how your Mondays generally go or if you are able to get gains from females and have a very stable mind(moon represents the 4th sign, that is the 4th house = your mind).This will give you a rough idea of strength of Moon in your birth chart.

Your health :
 They are prone to stomach troubles(gastric troubles), as moon waxes and wanes- inflammation like rheumatism is a possibility. Take good care of feet and legs.

Your Lucky Colour : 
All shades of Green and white.

Your Lucky Stone : Pale green stones in silver.

Your Lucky Yantra(Amulet):

Moon As Per Classics
Moon as per classics moves daily at 13 units. Waning moon is considered a malefic. When moon is ahead of sun up to 240 degrees it s of strength. That is it is considered strong.
The strength of moon rasis also based on if it is a waning moon (called Krishna paksha) and is a malefic and is a benefic if waxing moon. Any conjunction with benefics makes moon positive. Even when waning if good aspects/energies come to moon it become a benefic.
Moon is said to be have ownership of mind., that is the manas.Moon is said to be belonging top business community. It is said to be wind and phlegm dominated. The body is round in nature, fickle in the mind, has good looks, there is sweetness in speech and quite filled with lust. Moon is considered to be living in water(That is it is said to be water dominated).
Moon defines the muhurtha.The taste is saline in nature.
Moon is said to strong in north. Moon rules milky tress like say rubber trees. The rainy season is ruled by planet moon.It is a dhatu graham.It is exalted in Taurus that is vrishabha.