Money Horoscope 2016 – 17 onwards & Wealth Plus Investment Report


Three(3) Year- Money, Wealth  & Investment Report:

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  • Your Lagna & Navamsa Chart:
  • pankaj-lagna

  • Your Divisional Chart-2(D2), the Money Related Harmonic Chart:

  • pankaj-D10

  • The MOST Suited areas/jobs to get Money:
  • Considering all planetary influences, the following areas of work can be analyzed as follows: -.

    • As Venus is fairly strong in your chart. As it rules benefic houses of 3(Initiatives) and 10th (career) & sits on Sign Sagittarius absorbing benefic energies from exalted Jupiter in your 12th Though Jupiter is 12th house and Moon being conjunct with your Venus (the planet for Career) could cause locations from time to time in career, but still Venus related jobs could be a good fit for your career for good return.
    • Also in your dasamsa chart (10th harmonic) chart Venus rules 11(House of gains)/4th– though not very comfortable in placement- but is in 2nd house of wealth flows and status- so one could expect fair gains here.

    Category 1

    1. Acting or beauty products
    2. Investment in chemical industries that make drugs to help people
    3. Financial Advisers
    4. Hotel industry
    5. Legal Advisers
    6. Music industry
    7. Physician
    8. Anything to do with care industry-like hospitals or hotels or restaurants, call centers, Hotel management etc.
    9. Any NGO helping females or promoting arts.

    As Jupiter also is exalted for you in the 12th house and rules 5th and 8th house. Though 5th house of benefic and has mool trikona sign of Sagittarius in it, but 8th house is malefic- but as it has a non mool trikona sign Pisces there. Jupiter could still be a good benefic for you as it has lot of good energy due to exaltation.The following careers & related industries  could give good money flow  to you.

    Category 2

    1. Trainers/Teachers- any kind of educational work
    2. Legal advisors- Jupiter is the law master
    3. Financial advisors- Jupiter rules finances as well
    4. Physicians- healing is associated with planet Jupiter
    5. Religious leaders/preachers, astrology and other occult sciences- Jupiter rules dharma the 9th house, so this could help you

    What does your NATAL Horoscope Promise In Regard to Money (what astrological factors help you to get Money and what work against You):

    Your money is defined by the strength of 2nd house lord and to some extent 11th house lord and the karaka for money are planets  Jupiter &  mercury.

    In your case the 2nd house lord mercury is just OK  in Kendra, and gains energy as time passes by and you grow in age. So naturally mercury is also good- gives good ability to analyze and do finances or money related abilities. So the 2nd house lord is also mercury (called the merchant of Venice of solar system) and so is it the karaka for money- this promises good gains in periods of mercury or dasha of mercury and when mercury and other planets are strong in transit positions.

    Your Jupiter is exalted- so it gives a promise of very good flow of money. As Jupiter is the greatest benefic and it being exalted could bless  you with the best things  and prosperity in the world.

    Also  as Saturn , the lord of 6th(debt) and 7th (Your connections and sitting in 7th house aspects your natal mercury. So  and when Saturn is weak or its period(dasha runs), you could face problems   on the money front.

    BONUS Remedies For Solving Money Flow Related Problems from time to Time:

    • Give money to the poor would help to reduce Saturn effects
    • You could wear an amulet/Yantra for Venus for maximum career success.
    • Vishnu Sahastrnaam would also help you- in propitiating mercury
    • Emerald worn in gold in little finger could be great kill for you to attract luck and prosperity.
    • Shiva chalisa would help you to balance energies of malefic Saturn or weak Saturn in dasha and transit of Saturn.

    1. b) Overview Of Next 3 Years(2016,17,18 finances situation):

    2016 ,2017,2018:


    You have the sub period of Rahu running till almost end of 2018, rahu sits in 9th house and aspects 1/3 and 7th house.

    Your natal rahu or dragon’s head  gets energy from malefic Saturn ruling 6th house as well(Leo ascendant).

    So over all would give delays in money gains or returns you expect this time. Money through partnerships or contracts could also get delayed.

    This could be a source of stress to you.

    You have to work in a very organized manner to get the best of this time.

    With a dedicated and planned effort- this is what you may expect in the coming year 2016 ending and 2017.

    • Investments and finances might go more towards home/company maintenance
    • Taking ownership and responsibility is the best way to grow in this time
    • Any rigid views could affect finances.
    • Returns would be well if well thought for.

    Which Investments That would Give Good Returns you for 2016,17 & 18.?

    • This is a time when investments on art and beauty products could improve
    • Luxury or beauty Products
    • Companies that make medicines for heart and mind, as rahu is controlling the same
    • Hospitality or care industry
    • Call centers dealing with foreign lands
    • Training people on occult knowledge

    Which Investments That May NOT   Give Good Returns you for 2016,17 & 18.?

    • As Rahu afflicts your ascendant sun, so avoid investing in Governmental bonds, though still stable;
    • Real estate or property is a big NO for you as your rahu absorbs energy form Saturn that rules 6th house of debts and obstacles and also rules land.
    • Iron and steel industry may not give good returns
    • Avoid giving loans as lord of loss 6th(Saturn) afflicts your rahu.


    • You would earn well in investments and also from job or business- but you need to take up more responsibility
    • Transit of Jupiter in ascendant would help you grow and earn from career.
    • Also stocks could also do well due to 5th aspect of Jupiter on house of stocks & investments.
    • But one need to take care during March-April as Jupiter is in close conjunction to rahu in these months sop could give un predictable results to you.
    • You would gain more after July as Jupiter would get into house of wealth


    • Jupiter being in House of wealth would continue to give you gains, but transit of Saturn in 5th could cause issues in investments and stocks of any kind.
    • The financial growth needs your acumen and knowledge.- You should know where to invest and what to know to succeed.
    • The same applies to your job front, that is if you have specialized knowledge you would grow well.
    • You have to keep an eye on your job and any money flows through partnerships as Saturn aspects 7th house and blocks your natal Jupiter.
    • This is an year of caution and invest with care.


    • This year hard work and planning would pay off as you would be out of sade sati 1st phase of Saturn.
    • There could be more business meeting and money flows this year as compared to last year as Jupiter would further gain strength and would be conjunct for almost 4 months with your natal mercury the lord of wealth from Jan to April  Freat time for wealth flows and investments
    • Saturn transit could create some trouble when it is around 15 degrees to 25 degrees.
    • Around may 2018 to almost end of the year. So this time you need to invest in care and caution.

    Coming 12 Months 2016-17 Wealth Flows & Investment Guidance In Details:

    May 2016:

    Due to good effects of mercury and sun. New source of income could open up.

    More meetings would increase your business contacts to give you good money opportunities.

    • Income should improve in general
    • More decent control on expenses is needed.
    • Investments should do well in this period

    . The return on investments should be well thought over in this period to ensure better returns.


    June  2016:

    Matters could move more slow.

    Focus on home expenses could be there.
    · Relatively Good income from job

    • You will be more careful and alert about saving.
    • Social expenses would be more.
    • Savings and investments would get much better now.

    July   2016:

    Time when income could remain steady or slight increase in the same could be there due to Jupiter.

    • Income will remain stable but not much hike is expected.
    • Some expenses on medical treatments.
    • Savings and investments may be neglected.
    • Speculation now will not get very good results
    • Lie low and act in conservative manner in both career and finance now.

    August 2016:

    Unexpected work could open up un expected sources of money.

    Time for proper judgments for money matters.

    • Income should steadily increase
    • But more decent control on expenses is needed
    • Investments on lands should work fine at this time
    • Expenses on family health problems could be there

    September  2016:

    Sun’s position could help in growth.

    • Growth in financial condition will be good
    • You could expect more money getting generated
    • Otherwise you may face some losses and money.

    October  2016:

    Some slow movements could be there.

    There could be fluidity in matters.

    Trust people with care.

    • A new starting in investments to be done with caution.
    • New ventures or directions might come up.
    • Initiative and will power could lead to better success.
    • One should use originality to succeed in financial matters.
    • Ego issues could lead to financial losses.
    • Try to check with new ideas.

    November  2016:

    New kind of special associations could come up now. Money matters could be a bit dismal- unless great deal of caution and efficiency is used.

    • New associations regarding finances might happen –but exercise caution.
    • Expect this time for things to move slow- be patient- there would be some fluidity.
    • Best success could be achieved by cooperation
    • Things controlled by fluid/arts could give more success.
    • Trust people regarding financial matters with care.
    • Travel could be on card regarding financial matters.
    • If trust issues- risk of losses is there.

    December 2016:

    Great time for new money opportunities.

    Cash on this timer to make the best.

    • Matters regarding finance could expand in this time.
    • Try to cash on expansion
    • Fasting on Thursdays would directly help finances
    • Growth possible in matters to do with teaching/training and religion.
    • Good time to expand.
    • Returns could be good this time

    January 2017:

    • This is a time to work with caution.
    • Practical ideas and hard work only would pay back
    • There could be times of slow movement/restriction of fences this time
    • The key word here is planning- that is well planned efforts would get results
    • Fasting on Thursdays could help in finances.
    • Try not to lend money
    • Returns might not pay off as expected
    • Risk of sudden losses is there.

    February  2017:

    Jupiter would provide boost on matters.

    • A good time for opportunities to expand
    • New ventures or directions might come up.
    • Possible cashing on the past effort is there.
    • If one is able to cash on opportunities- financial might grow well
    • Quickness and suddenness regarding financial matters needs to be avoided
    • Returns could be payback fairly well this time.

    March 2017:

    • This is a time when investments on art and beauty products could improve
    • Investments and finances might go more towards home/company maintenance
    • Taking ownership and responsibility is the best way to grow in this time
    • Any rigid views could affect your finances.
    • Returns would be well if well thought for.

    April  2017:

    • This time is of caution.
    • More time to invest in strategizing than investing or expecting great returns
    • Returns could be good for well researched efforts
    • Expect near average or less returns this year
    • Try to adjust to avoid losses
    • Research (R&D) related matters would give good returns.
    • Risk of losses is there