Planet Mars in Houses


MARS in 1st House

You  might be more aggressive than usual. You have to protect your head from sharp objects and also accidents. Take good care of married life.

MARS in  2nd house

Gains my proper action and control of aggression. That means once you control the same you will gain in wealth and status.

MARS in 3rd house

Gains by action. You might be surrounded by people who are action oriented/managers or executives or people from police/army etc.

MARS in  4th house

You  have control family peace by control of passion and anger.

MARS in 5th house

You  might have a Martian thought process. Take good care of kids especially if mars rules malefic houses.

MARS in 6th house

You should avoid being aggressive and try to do proper action. Mars in sixth might at times demoralize one to do right action.

MARS in 7th house

Health and care of your life partner from accidents and other troubles is much needed. Your sex life could be very passionate in nature.

MARS in 8th house

You could gain in land deals. Avoid getting in for conflict with people who are of questionable character.

MARS in 9th house

You might have passionate ideas about religion. You have to avoid any possible conflicts with your father.

MARS in 10th house

You will gain success by proper action. That is your career success depends on control of emotions and action .

MARS in 11th house

You will have gains by proper actions and not getting into conflict with your elder siblings( includes your cousins)

MARS in 12th house

Excess of anger or passion may not work out great for you. You have to try to maintain peace mostly.

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