Your Lucky Name Report!

Your LUCKY NAME Report!!!.
Get More Lucky Now! By simple Change in Spelling of Your Name changing energy flow in your Body Chakras-Using wisdom Based on Ancient Vedic & Hebraic Knowledge Perfected for thousands of Years!!!
Your name is a MANTRA or a SACRED INCANTATION, which can attract blessings or curses both from the Cosmos for you, based on how balanced Or imbalanced is It.Your name letter Vibrations Interact with your Past karma Stored in your Brain and Chakras of Your Spine to Create the Desired Effect!
(This Report Tells You About How a Small Change in Spelling Like adding an “a” or “e” in your Name could make your Name Harmonious & Lucky to attract prosperity. As discussed your Name is a Mantra (sacred Incantation) in itself & your Name Vibrations strongly affects your Body Chakras(energy centers) where your past life Karma is stored, hence Changing Your Luck…)

What Do You Get in the Name Alteration Report?

  • This report tells you exactly which altered Name spelling best suits you.
  • A two step scientific process is followed for best results.
    a) First Your Name is checked for correctness and luck attracting factor,by a highly Specialized & Unique Scientific Software developed by us .
    b)In addition an Expert Numerologist then spends over 60 minutes and verifies & Corrects Your Final Name to perfection of the Most Lucky Name for You!
  • The Corrected Name is Checked & verified with Vedic System and Several Other systems to give you the best fitting and Most Lucky Name.This checking of Name with Various systems is a Unique feature, which we only offer.
  • You Get to know which Nakshatra or Rashi your name belongs to and what does it mean for you.
  • In addition get FREE and almost zero cost BONUS Remedies to help you solve your problems much better and faster!

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    Report Created By an Leading ASTRO-NUMEROLOGIST- Who Suggested NAME CHANGE for a LEADING NEWS PAPER Daily!
    What Do You Get In this Report

  • Based on your Birth Name & Birth Horoscope – You Get a Lucky Name Suggestion.
  • You also get to know the reason of why this new altered Name is Lucky for you.
  • You get a full fledged destiny analysis based on your date of birth and name, on what to expect from life and how to best use opportunities for Success!
  • Simple Remedies

  • Simple remedies-that you can easily perform.
  • Get to know why You Need an Expert Numerologist to Balance Your Name home-house
  • & Many more things…
  • Over 1,000 Reports Sold!Satisfied Customers are spread all across the world!
  • Good Quality,Reliable & Low Cost Astrology Report, Assured by IIT Alumnus(World Class Experts in Vedic Astrology & Numerology)!quality-control-571149_1280

    36$/1998 Rs.

    50% OFF:
    18$/999 Rs.
    .( ORDER NOW To Get Your 50 % Discount!)
    Delivery within 72 Hours-in pdf formatpdf-icon


    …Thanks for a the Lucky Name sir. As this helps my work to grow and I stay relaxed and attract prosperity naturally..My special thanks for the simple money yantra along with the accurate name analysis you have suggested- I find myself luckier & more wealthy.
    Anil k India