Love Horoscope, Luck & Fortune:Navamsa Divisional Horoscope Or Varga birth Chart


Navamsa Divisional Horoscope Or Varga birth Chart calculations and what is it?

  • In case of navamsa calculation, for a movable rashi it is calculated from the sign itself. For Fixed rashi or sign, from the 9th sign and for a Dual sign(like Gemini, Virgo etc) from the 5th sign onward.
  • mula-nakshatra

    Interpretation of Navamsa Divisional Chart(Fortune and marital happiness,love life) or Varga chart- D9 – with  example chart:


     Navamsa chart

  • This is one of the most important divisional charts, which is next to lagan.
  • It is found that in lagan fortune is ruled by mars, which rules 9th– but is not very strong.
  • So over all it means anger or haste could spoil the fortune possibilities.
  • Also in navamsa chart-the lord of fortune mercury is swagrahi(in own house) in 12th house. So it means the fortune may not be great as such.
  • Also on 9th planet Saturn sits , which blocks fortune.
  • The karaka for fortune Jupiter is not very strong, but in ascendant and rules 6th house of obstacles along with rahu sitting nearby.
  • All this suggests a tough life for this person. He will come up by his own hard work and merit.
  • Once again all these predictions are 100% correct for this horoscope.