Libra MONEY Horoscope

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Libra MONEY Horoscope:

You could do well in speculation regarding money.You can earn well – but you need to save for the rainy day.
Your money flows could have tumults(ups and downs) and sudden issues.
It all depends on how strong your venus and mars area. You could get money from land deals or not so appropriate means.
You need to be careful on days when money flow is not normal.
Your initiative & leadership could get you gains.Gains from government possible if sun is strong enough. Keep your insistence mellowed down if you want to win the game of life

Areas Of Work That Could Churn Out Gold For you In terms Of wealth :
• Investments in hospitality industry-like hotels
• Music or Films
• Research
• Research in medicines
• New kind of food or medicine
• Food industry
• Teaching
• Medicine

Your Lucky months For Investments:
February, June , Aries
March and December, would be also OK.
Your Lucky Dates for investments:
15,7,4(mixed results), 25,8,16(mixed results), 24,6,30
Partnerships with People That Could Help You Accumulate Wealth
People Born on dates:
6,3,7,15,16(mixed effects),21,25,30,24

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