Libra LOVE Horoscope

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Libra LOVE Horoscope:

You might have trouble in marital life or love as you might be in a habit to balance matters too much. This could spoil the sensitivity of love.But internally you may want peace and tranquility.

You are a deep lover but a bit picky about your lover, but generally for short term affairs- you may get some one who might be a bit insistent on views or may be cold, though sensitive in views.For long term- be prepared for a bit warm and may be many times less diplomatic lover.

Libra Man Or Libra Women as a Lover :
You are balanced, sensitive and a deep lover and thinker.
You could be too much proof demanding in love or looking for a perfection. That is to be handled properly for smooth relationships. Bring out your loving and balanced nature to have a harmonious and loving relationship.

Libra Lover Good Dates For Love & Romance:
15,7,4(mixed results), 25,21,8,16(mixed effects), 24,6,30
Libra Lover Dates Of Caution For Love & Romance:
1,2,11,10,13,19,22(hard date),28(hard date)
Libra Lover Lucky months For Love & Romance:
February, June , Aries
March and December, would be also OK.
Libra Lover – which sun signs are compatible with your inner love nature
Aquarius, Cancer, Your own sign Taurus & Libra & to some extent Aries.


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