LEO Sun Sign Health Horoscope (Simha Rashi)

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Leo Sun Sign HEALTH Horoscope(Simha Rashi) :

  • The person with Leo sign or simha rashi in sansktrit could there be prone to heart problems or connected problems like problems of circulation so care needs to be there. Take rest or connect to nature for best healing.
  • One may have to deal with ambition causing stress One should deal with excess anger properly and properly channelize it to the right ambition.
  • Could there be digestion issues connected problems? Yes. So keeping the stomach muscles strong is recommended.
  • The Leo sign person could be prone to child birth problems in case of females –especially if sun is weak or in debility.
  • One may have to deal with too much worrying impacting the circulation has to be taken care of .
  • Bones needs care of sun is weak in the horoscope . also as sun rules the joints as well so rheumatism has to be kept under check.
  • As your ruling planet sun rules heart and also head ( the first sign), you have to be careful about the same. Pains in your ears and head are possible. Palpitations and heart trouble could be kept at bay by doing YOGA.

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