Leo CAREER Horoscope

 leo career horoscope astrology

Leo Career:

Your ambition and willpower , especially if sun is strong would take you to the top of the ladder.

But being outspoken and easily angered could make secret enemies  for you in your professional life.

Try to be with the crowd and respect people senior to you. All leadership roles , financial heads and yes public life are meant for you. You have to take care of your conduct with females and also any work that you do with the care or hospitality industry.

You could grow well- if you take initiative, take ownership and avoid tiffs at workplace.

Careers That Suit You :
Your key planet in sun- the planet for leadership, initiative and domination. Leo also gives you a restless nature and you want to be on the top.
You are internally warm and sympathetic and loyal to your team members.
So while selecting professions you have to be careful about – the above factors, that you are a born leader and love change- so any job that provides you with all this- is a good fit for you.

The golden mantra for you is avoid domination, but use your leadership skills to maximum. Avoid direct harsh words in office in your bid ot be honest- pick up more diplomatic skills.

• If your sun is strong in natal chart- you could do well in Government service.
• You could do well in Innovation, even if it involves innovating new ways to motivate people as a manager or innovation in technology sector or innovation as a teacher. You would be inspirational and strong person.
• Sports is your cup of tea. Lions are natural hunters and sports people.
• Science or speculations- as mercury also helpful to sun people
• You May head large organizations or could be self employed, as subordination is not always your cup of tea. You want to give orders than take them.
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Your Lucky Years:
19,28(mixed effects),27,30, 37,46, 48(mixed effects),55,64(mixed effects), 36(mixed effects)
Your Lucky months:
April, January , December
November(mixed effects) and August, would be fair.
Your Lucky Dates:
1,19,12, 27,28,30
Bosses Who Could Push You Up in the ladder
Aries, Capricorn to some extent- as it is earth sign , December( fire sign)
November(mixed effects) and August would also be fair.

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