LEO 2016 Horoscope

 leo 2016 horoscope astrology

LEO Year 2016 Horoscope Overview:

Overall above average, High energy time- try to deal with emotions of yourself and people well.

Let the excess energy be utilized properly. Up to middle of this period(July 2016 Horoscope)struggle could be there. One needs to take care of fevers and aggression and fights.
Take good care of your domination or anger. Special care of family members. Regarding health- take less of hot ans spicy food. Luck could give sudden gains and windfalls now. heart needs care.

January and February may be troublesome months and one has to take care of image, intense fights at office or home front, power struggle, and health issues.
March 2016 is a time for change and fun. Move , connect to people, expand business and have fun.

April 2016 is a time of high energy, you will be filled with passion. Matters would work out easily, but so could fights creep in. So take care to avoid fights.

May 2016, could mean health issues, issues at office and home. Needs special care.

June is a time for change. New communications, movement and business opportunities coming your way. Time to avoid domination and cash on the change now.

July 2016 is a mixed time, with certain matters working out OK and others not. Guard on image and ego. Sexual conduct has to be controlled.

August could be great period when you could get awarded. Avoid ego hassles now and avoid dominating people. Adjust and cooperate. You could get recognition this time.

September is a time to welcome new changes. Fresh communications, more movement and business opportunities coming your way. Time to keep ego aside and cash on the change now. Clashes in family and office could be on a slight increase.

October 2016, could mean taking care of health issues, issues at office and home front could come up. This time needs special care. Avoid staying aloof and try to connect to people more closely.

November 2016 is a time when you feel very energetic, you could be filled with passion & energy. Matters would work out easily, but so could differences creep in if you are not careful.That is move slow. So take care to avoid fights.

December 2016 is a time for more welcome changes and fun side of life- as this is a high energy time for you. You may connect to people, expand your business and have more fun.

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