Khavedamsha(d40) Divisional Horoscope Or Varga Birth Chart

The Khavedamsha or d40 Horoscope or varga chart
khavedamsha d40 horoscope varga charthappiness khavedamsha d40 horoscope varga chart
what is this article about ?

  • this article discusses in detail the Khavedamsha or d40 horoscope or chart of Vedic astrology .it in depth discusses the various divisions of this Khavedamsha or d40 horoscope divisions . It in total has 40 divisions ruled by various deities or energies This d40 of Khavedamsha chart has primarily to do with your happiness and professional activities.
  • Then as a practical example it discusses Narendra Modi ji’s d40 or khavedamsha chart and also for Rahul Gandhi ji in detail . These practical examples help in learning and understanding of th d40 or khavedamsha chart.
  • khavedamsha d40 horoscope varga chart
    What is d40 or Khavedamsha chart about?

  • In the d40 divisional or varga chart in any horoscope , every sign of 30 degrees is divided into 40 units or parts of 9 deg and 45 minutes each. The lord ship of each division and name of the same is given in the other article.
  • The Khavedamsha or d40 horoscope or chart is basically seen for auspiciousness of any Kundli Horoscope. It could be connected to auspiciousness of planets or houses in the horoscope or even lagna or ascendant.
  • Khavedamsha or d40 horoscope or chart also gives information about the circumstances of persons leaving the world or longevity and if any unexpected issues like accidents etc are there in the life.
  • Khavedamsha or d40 horoscope or chart tells about the happiness from job or career . from Khavedamsha or d40 horoscope or chart one’s attitude towards work for job is known. The happiness from work is checked from this D40 chart.
  • How to Calculate the Khavedamsha Divisional Horoscope Or Varga Birth Chart? What is the ruler ship of deities various divisions of a sign.
    The KhaVedamsha or the 40th harmonic(D-40).
    For odd signs lordship count from Aries and for even sign from Libra.
    The deities repeat successively, for the ruling deities, in the same order for all rashis or signs.:
    • 1)Vishnu
    • 2)Candr
    • 3)Marichi
    • 4)Tvasht
    • 5)Dhata
    • 6)Shiva
    • 7)Ravi
    • 8)Yama
    • 9)Yaksh
    • 10)Gandharv
    • 11)Kaal
    • 12)and Varuna
    • –>1)Vishnu division ..repeats to varuna the 12th division
    • .
    zodiac rashi khavedamsha d40 horoscope varga chart
    The khavedamsha or d40 divisional or Varga charts effects based on the 12 signs

    The results of d40 or khavedamsha are declared based on deities ruling the 12 signs.
    the same is repeated.

    Like for Aries is the 1) so the ruler ship is Vishnu 2) is Chandra and so on.
    Depending on the planetary state the positive and negative effects come up.
    What are the deities of the 12 (twelfth signs ? in khavedamsha or d40
    (1)Vishnu : Vishnu is basically the preserver and as we know that Vishnu is ruled by Mercury or Buddha he is Protector of the goodness and represents Lord Krishna and destroys the Evil
    (2) is Moon : Chandra that is Moon God. moon as we know governs our mind & imagination and also stands for sensitivity. it represents mother as well .so moon could also be benefic or malefic
    (3) marichi: It is one of the saptarishis sons of one of Brahma. One who created the universe .
    (4) Twastha: it is the one of the 11 rudras . we know that Rudra means anger. Rudra binds to krodha or anger . and any planet in his lordship gives anger or make one angry.
    (5) Dhata: it is the giver who provides things desired . planets here give a giving tendency or large heartedness. also negative or malefic conditions or bad condition here give opposite results
    (6) Shiva: he is The Mahadev. he is the giver of dharma or religiousness. he is the adi Guru and preceptor of almost all. he gives
    spiritual blessings .
    (7) Ravi: this stands for planet sun the giver of sun light to all of us. ravi or surya dev is name of Surya. it is giver of light and strength and energy .sun is the is the king of the planetary cabinet of the planets of our solar system. it gives reward and punishment both to any person.
    (8)Yama: we know it is the Lord Of Death and right conduct. he is the brother of Shani or saturn.any planet here could give death like results
    (9) Yakshish: these are warriors by nature and travel across the universe in any territory which one is sitting. Planetary energy here can give lot of energy and movement to the person.
    (10)Gandharva: It represents the male spirits of the nature . The gandharv are famous for beautiful music and dance of gods.
    (11)kala: here kala means time that is GOD. it is an indicator of changes of the life.
    (12) Varun: Varun is the god of water and his represent ocean of the universe . he handles the moral affairs of the society.

    How much happiness form your career or profession from d40 chart or khavedamsha chart ?
    The d40 or khavedamsha chart suggest how much happiness we get from Professional activities . so career and karma area also seen from D40 chart . The strength of 10th House Lord especially in the D40 chart shows our attitude towards work.
    khavedamsha d40 narendra modi prime minister Indiakundali khavedamsha d40 narendra modi prime minister India
    what is the role of Khavedamsha or d40 on Narendra Modi ji’s life?

  • Now looking at the lagna kundali of Narendra Modi Ji mars ort Mangal is sitting in the Lagna or ascendant of his. so that’s the lagna and stands for the personality of narendra Modi ji. Now the karaka for mind moon is close to mars in the lagna, so suggesting a strong appropriately aggressive and assertive personality .also as Lagna lord is in the own house so there is a strong focus on self plus mars is in the own sign of Scorpio or vrishchika Rashi.
  • d40 khavedamsha modi narendra Indian prime minister
    What does the D40 or khavedamsha chart of Narendra Modi Ji say?

  • For Narendra Modi ji the lagna or ascendant of D40 or khavedamsha chart(horoscope) is mars or Mangal again. so all this suggest that action and politics would be beneficial for him . as Mars deals with politics and also in khavedamsha chart or D40 ,Mercury or Budha the Lord of 11th gives him gains. Also mercury in Lagna of d40 chart gives great gains to self or Narendra Modi Ji.
  • As mars or Mangal also rules the 6th house with Rahu sitting there in khavedamsha or d40 chart. so this indicates that he would face opposition or Enemies . They would be there to hurt him or harm him in terms of not giving in comfort in life.
  • What made Narendra modi face so many obstacles in life-based on d40 or khavedamsha ?

  • Also one has to note that Mars or Mangal in lagna and is a markesh. so in effect this planet gives struggle in life and less comfort to Narendra Modi ji. yes we all know he has been struggling all over life right from selling tea or being a chaiwala to working for RSS then as a chief minister of Gujarat and now prime minister of India . so slowly he has come up in life 🙂 to be the prime minister of the largest democracy that is India. 🙂
  • which deity of d40 or khavedamsha controls narendra modi ji’s life?

  • Also note that in d1 Mangal or mars is very weak in the Scorpio sign or vrishchik Rashi of Narendra Modi ji. it is at 0.56 degrees. 0.56 that is 56 minutes so in khavedamsha division or d40 division it lies in the sign of Scorpio . That is the second division of khavedamsha Chakra. It is the Chandra division or the moon God . also we know moon governs the mind and emotions & imagination and yes give some softness life Narendra Modi ji as well. Ye we know that he gets some royal comforts softness and become a prime minister .also moon sits in the 11th house in the khavedamsha chart so that gives gains to him and his personality and is raja Yoga Karaka.
  • What is the role of 10th lord in d40 or khavedamsha chart of narendra modi ji’s career and job as a politician?
    which deity of d40 or khavedamsha controls narendra modi ji’s career or work as a politician.?

  • now looking at the 10th Lord Sun in d1 or lagan chart (horoscope) for Narendra Modi ji. It sits in the Virgo sign or Kanya Rashi. That is the house of gains and affluence and help from people. the planet sun’s longitude is again less that is 0.35 degrees that are 35 minutes. so written as 0° 35 minutes. now lies first division of the very good sign Libra and ruled by Lord Vishnu that is Lord Krishna.
  • so in regard to modi ji career and action he would act like preservation or conserver of dharma so we know he is acting as the preservation of Vedic Dharma . Budha or mercury rules revenues . so that is revenue and money . also lord Vishnu promotes the good industry . we know Narendra modi Ji remained hard on rising prices and also he remained hard on Pakistan in balakot retaliatory attacks by India or be it note bandi.

  • rahul Gandhi khavedamsha or d40 horoscope chart
    what does D40 for khavedamsha chart of now Rahul Gandhi Ji say about him ?

    rahul Gandhi horoscope lagna
    what does d1 Lagna chart or horoscope say about Rahul Gandhi ji?

  • The Lagna of Rahul Gandhi ji is Capricorn or Makar Rashi, and this is ruled by Saturn or Shani dev.saturn or Shani is sitting in 4th bhava or house of Rahul Gandhi Ji. Saturn(Shani) is very weak and debilitated . so that means he will have to struggle a lot for his public image .we can see that Aries sign(Mesha Rashi) is in the 4th house of Rahul Gandhi Ji where Saturn is naturally weak and debilitated,
  • rahul Gandhi d40 khavedamsha
    What does the d40 or khavedamsha chart/kundali say about Rahul Gandhi Ji?

  • Now looking at the khavedamsha or D40 chart of Rahul Gandhi Ji . Shani or Saturn rules 12th Bhava or house with Capricorn sign or makar airship there. also, Aquarius or kumbha rashi is the lagna of the d40 or the khavedamsha horoscope. The planet Saturn is in the 11th house of gains for Rahul Gandhi Ji.

  • Which deity or deva works on Rahul Gandhi ji’s life ?

  • so that clearly means that he will get good gains in life and he was born with a silver spoon. Now as the d40 or khavedamsha rules with auspiciousness , the presence of Saturn in the Sagittarius sign or Dhanu Rashi gives good karma of past life.
    also, dhanu or Sagittarius is an odd sign. The natal Saturn for rahul Gandhi ji is at 24 degrees 45 minutes . This is the 32nd division of D40 chart of khavedamsha . This is ruled by Yama, that is the Lord Of Death and also the Protector of right conduct. so the overall judgement is yes . he will have gains but a tough life as well. so Rahul Gandhi will have a tough life that is sure based on the D40 horoscope or Kundli (khavedamsha) despite being born in a powerful Nehru Gandhi family.

  • Which deity rules for Rahul Gandhi ji’s polecat career?

  • Now looking at the career or job house of Rahul Gandhi Ji. Libra assign or Tula rashi or Venus rules the 10th house of Rahul Gandhi ji. also Venus is sitting in the 7th house Rahul Gandhi ji . Venus(Shukra) is in the moon sign or karkat rashi. that is karkat Rashi so Venus(Shukra) is ok and is rajyog Karaka . we know venus or shukra is a planet of opposite sex or women. so all this gives rahul Gandhi a magnetic personality because action(10th house ) connects to 7th house of public connections and yes opposite sex .gives him good connections and the life partner of Rahul Gandhi Ji would be from good background

  • looking at the D40 chart(khavedamsha chart) placement Venus or shukra the lord of 10th bhava in the d1 chart is in the cancer sign. 8 degree 51 minutes in cancer sign or karkat Rashi. Now cancer or karkat is an even sign. so this in the khavedamsha chart or d40 it is Leo or Simha rashi. and it is in the 11th division. so clearly suggesting leadership and inspiration roles waiting for him in life.

  • The 11th division is the Kala division .That is time and is an indicator of changes in life . it could mean very big changes in the life of Rahul Gandhi ji. earlier as we shared that his Lagna sign of D40(khavedamsha) lagna sits in Yama division. so yes Rahul Gandhi Ji needs to take care of his longevity & health and yes he was born with a silver spoon, but life would be tough for him.