Karunanidhi 2016 Elections(DMK) Predictions- vedic astrology



Sri M Karunanidhi Ji was born on  3 June 1924. He is an Indian politician. He also has been  Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on five times. He heads  the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK),which is a Dravidian political party in the state of Tamil Nadu(India). He has a political career of 60 years and has a record of winning his seat in every election.

Name: Karunanidhi

Date of Birth: Thursday, June 03, 1926

Time of Birth: 09:00:00

Place of Birth: Thirukkuvalai

Longitude: 80 E 18

Latitude: 13 N 5

Time Zone: 5.5


Would  Sri Karunanidhi Ji Win Elections in 2016 ? Why

  • He (karunanidhi ji) is a cancer ascendant( karkat rashi), His moon the ascendant is in 8th house and is on Aquarius.
  • The lord of Aquarius- Saturn is retrogate, a bit old but in Kendra and gaining in strength.
  • He has just started His MOON Major period(Moon or Chandra Dasha) in May 2016.
  • Moon is in 8th house , on Saturn as the depositor( ruling 8th and also house of partnerships=7th), With Jupiter the lord of 6th in 8th( makes it a benefic for moon), along with old mars ruling 5(children and thinking)/10 house of career.
  • So over all Moon will get the strength and determination form Saturn(which is retro gate in transit in 2016) plus his natal Saturn is also retro gate.
  • His moon is the ascendant of the chart- so the most important planet for him and he runs the dasa for the same.
  • Jupiter gives good energy and mars give some weak energy to moon.
  • So over all give the fact that moon rules his own self, that is ascendant, and is not very strong and 8th house of unexpectd returns,his Venus rules gains 11th House and public image(4th house). Sun is already  into Taurus(weak)sign  to energize the gains house(11th)   and public image house(4th) of karnunanidhi ji. So overall he has to struggle to win elections.
  • He has to take care of health while Saturn transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius. But not much as Sagittarius is the 6th
  • Our best wishes for his Good health!!!


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