Kanhaiya Kumar gets bail in sedition case- JNU student -2016 forecast – based on astrology & Numerology

kanhaiya kumar junu sedition Courtesy Hindustan times


JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar, was arrested on February 12 for allegedly raising anti-national slogans at the JNU campus, was in police custody till February 17 and then later remanded in judicial custody till March 2 2016


  • Arrested on 12 February 2016
  • Got Bail on 2 March 2016

Date of Arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar Astrology and Numerology Analysis:

  • Arrested on 12 February 2016

The date is 12th= 1+2 = Jupiter, the month number or the sun sign = Aquarius- ruled by Saturn = Number 8.

The total date number = 12 +2 + 2016 = 3(1+2=3) + 2+ 9(=2016) = 14= Mercury, that is unstable. Mercury deals with communication as well apart from business. So any in advert ant communication or say against nation could be an issue (as Rahu number 4 is also in the date number 14 = 1-4, here 4= rahu).

Kanhiaya Kumar name number comes to mercury. Also such people are generally dynamic and popular. That’s what is true.

We in no way are commenting on sedition charges against him,as that is under the honourable court and we respect the same.

The year 2016 is ruled by mars and mars and mercury they could conflict and one has to be very careful in what he or she communicates.

People with name numbers 5 or born on 5th, 14th/23rd of nay month have to take care about this in the year 2016.

Date of Bail of Kanhaiya Kumar Astrology and Numerology Analysis:

  • Got Bail on 2 March 2016
  • The date number is ruled by moon as it is 2nd March is ruled by Jupiter, which goes just OK with mercury.
  • The total date number 2+3+2016(=9) = 15/6 = Venus. The planet of beauty and comfort. So Venus and Jupiter are highly supportive for him.
  • Also note that A case was registered against him on Feb 13, that is total date is 2+4(=13) + 2016(=9) = 2+4+9=15/6!!!So the sum total of the dates of FIR filing and release is same. The only difference is March is ruled by benevolent Jupiter when he got released and February is ruled by hard task master Saturn, the month he got Fired and arrested.

2016 horoscope forecast for Kanhaiya Kumar

  • He has got bail till September 2016, September is ruled by mercury that is number 5.so he(kanhaiya Kumar ) has to take care. But at the same time as the effects of year 2016 ( mars year) would be on a decline – he has some fair
  • Also his name number is number 5- so higher chance of help to him is there in 2016.
  • More could be said based on his full date of birth and time of birth/place of birth details.


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