India Versus West Indies T20 World Cup Cricket Match Forecast

We have predicted 3 consecutive matches for India and team performance for India versus Bangladesh,Australia & Pakistan ACCURATELY, through science of Astrology and Numerology- Refer our previous articles below


Now let us look at the birth dates of the two countries.

INDIA Birth Data
India = 15/august/1947

India = Name Number =12/3 = Jupiter
birth number = 15=1+5=6 = Venus
destiny number = 15+8+1947= 6+8+3= 17=8= Saturn.

west indies Birth Data

west indies= date of birth not known
Birth Number = date of birth not known
Destiny Number = date of birth not known
west indies name Number = 4= Rahu

The date of match = 31/March 2016

Day number =31= 3+1=4 =Rahu
Month Number = March
weekday= Thrusday

Predictions for The match

We don’t have full birth date of west indies- so we will make an educated guess for our readers, based on the name number of west indies that is SUN= number 1.As we don’t have full details of west indies(like birth date etc), the reliability of predictions is less. But still we will try.

West indies(rahu ruling and sun), could give a very surprising performance- either it could win exceptionally oi fail in a very bad way.Players getting out very easily or bunch of players getting out ,
missing on catches and fielding etc.The west indies team could be more aggressive and fiery- which could work against the team./

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