India Versus Australia T20 World Cup Cricket Match Forecast


Now let us look at the birth dates of the two countries.

INDIA Birth Data
India = 15/august/1947

India = Name Number =12/3 = Jupiter
birth number = 15=1+5=6 = Venus
destiny number = 15+8+1947= 6+8+3= 17=8= Saturn.

Australia Birth Data

Australia = 26/Jan/1788
Birth Number = 26/8= Saturn
Destiny Number = 26 +1+1788 = 8+1+6 = 15/6= Venus
Australia name Number = 4= Rahu

The date of match = 27/March 2016

Day number =27=9=Mars
Day Complete number = 27+3+2016 =9+3+9 = 21/3= Jupiter
Month Number = March
weekday= Sunday

Predictions for The match

The overall natural forces would help India a lot, as compared to Australia. You could see a lot of action from India’s end- with good bowling and bold, also batting with lots of boundaries and sixes, and great fielding -with may be dives to catch balls being there.

On the Other hand Australia could have a lots surprises and issues- with un expected bold or players not playing to the mark,or bowling going haywire and so to do with fielding.

But again, Australia would put a good fight and one can feel good amount of vibrancy in their game as well.
So it would be a fairly good game from Australian end.

But at the end- matters are expected to turn more towards India as natural forces support her.

India has to take care of impulse and haste and control excess energy, to avoid problems and hurts in the field.

So chances of India winning are near 60%, or 6 out of 10, now given Australian team is better in certain sense,
we could keep it at 55% , that is 5.5 out of Australia would give a basic fight.

But India needs to control any impulsive- simple- then the game is theirs(India would win for sure then & only an exceptional performance by Australia could turn the scales- else NO ). 🙂

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