Horoscope Fourth House or Bandhu Bhava-The house of Your mind, mother, public image and House plus Vehicles.


Horoscope Fourth House  or Bandhu Bhava-The house of  Your mind, mother, public image and House plus Vehicles.
The fourth house along with planet moon or Chandra tells about your mind and mental state. It also gives information about your mother- along with karakas like Venus and moon for mother. The kind and quality of your home and vehicles is judged based on this house. The various  Combinations of Fourth House or  Bandhu bhava Discussed Below:

  • If the lord of the fourth house or bandhu bhava is sitting in its own house or by the lord of the ascendant or lagna and also aspected by the a benefic- the person could have a good home or house and enjoy it well.

      You Cars & Conveyance Indicators:

  • If the lord of fifth house or putra bhava be in its own house/bhava or in   own D9 chart(navamsa)- the person would have conveyances(cars), lands          and house and also music related equipment.
  • If the lord of the first house(lagna) is a benefic and the lord of the fourth house(bandhu) is in debility or in the eleventh house and the signifactor for conveyances is in 12th( vyaya bhava)- the person would get conveyances in 12th year.That is expenditure on conveyances(Venus) would happen in 12th year . If sun  be in Bandhu Bhava, and also Bandhu’s Lord is exalted and be with shukra or venus, the person will acquire conveyances in his 32nd year.
  • If there is an exchange of houses between lord of fourth house and house of gains(eleventh)- one could acquire conveyances in the twelfth year. A benfic that is connected to fourth  house will get good effects- while a malefic would give otherwise effects.
  • If there is a benefic in fourth house and there is an aspect or conjunction of the benefic on the lord of fourth house- then the person would be comfortable with the conveyances or car and the fear for accidents or other problems is not there.
  • If there is a malefic in fourth house and aspecting the lord of fourth house – there could be losses due to vehicle and the vehicles could be accident prone.

Your Home, Property or Mansion Indicator 

  •   Your If the lord of 10th house(karma bhava) and lord of fourth house(bandhu bhava) connect to each other in a trine(1/5/9) or in    angles(4/7/10)- the person will have a house or home like a mansion and could be very beautiful.

         Your Public Image:

  •   If the planet mercury or budh is in ascendant or lagna , while the lord of    fourth house(bandhu bhava) is benefic and has an  aspect by a benefic – the person would get respect from relatives.

About Your Mother

  • If the fourth house has a benefic and the lord of fourth house &   bandhu bhava is exalted – the mother of the person would generally have a long life.
  • The mother of the person would be happy if the lord of the fourth  house or bandhu bhava is in angles(1/5/9) and also planet Venus or shukra is also in an angle(1/5/9) and mercury is strong or exalted.Here Venus is a sort of signifactor   or karaka for mother.

General Indications Of Fourth House:

  • The person could have quadrupeds – that is cows and buffaloes if the planet sun or surya is in fourth house and moon and Saturn in ninth house(the house of luck and gains) and planet mars or mangal is in house of gains(11th house).
  • If the fourth house is movable or active(Like with sign or rashi Aries(mesha), karkata(cancer) etc) and the lord of the fourth house and planets mars(mangal) are conjunct in eighth house or in sixth house or bhava- the person’s ability to speak is questionable.
  • If the planet sun or surya be in fourth house and the lord of fourth house is exalted and is with Venus(The karaka for conveyances)- the person would acquire conveyances in 32nd year of life.
  • If the lord of the fourth house is conjunct with lord of tenth house  in the divisional chart or navamsa (D9)of exaltation of the lord of fourth house- then the person could get conveyances in 42nd year of life.

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