Health Horoscope:What is the relation Health Problems & Our Body Parts in Horoscope To Our Birth Chart?Vedic Jyotish

health-heart Your Health Horoscope and Your Birth Chart As the saying Goes – That “health is wealth”, our health is the key. Also health is determined by the strength of our lagna or ascendant and good or bad influences on the lagna or ascendant. Also part from lagna- any planet weak in the birth chart weakens that body part-like if Jupiter is weak and as Jupiter rules Pisces- that means the toes would get diseased soon. Similarly if say for a Leo ascendant Jupiter rules 5/8 house and are weak- so trouble in stomach our sexual organs could be common along with diabetes. The house 6th directly deals with diseases and the kind of diseases one is more prone to get .

What is the relation of Health Problems & Our Body Parts in Horoscope Or Birth  Chart?

  • All the affects above should be based on lagna and also moon sign lagna. Now we have methods to identify stomach acidity and other problems and birth marks to a person.
  • What is the connection of decantes and limbs of the body like head, eyes, ears, nose ,temple, chin and faceIn the case of the second decanate ascending the order is neck, shoulder, arm, side, heart, stomach and navel.
  • In case of second decanate ascending the order of limbs us neck,shoulder,arm,side,heart,stomach and navel.The order for the third decanate ascending is pelvis, anus/penis, testicles, thigh, knee, calf and foot. The portion already raised indicates left side of the body (while the one yet to rise, i.e. the invisible half, denotes the right side of the body).
  • For the third decan or decanate- the ascension of pelvis,anus & penis, testicles,thigh,knee ,calfs and foot.The risen part represents the left side of the body and invisible half is the left half side of  the body.
  • The body parts or limbs related to malefic in the occupation  of the house – there could be ulceration or scars. The benefic occupations given by moles as per the jyotishis.If the malefic are benefics are in their own rashis or navamsa- the effects would be right from the birth – else as the time passes by.
  • If the lord of second house is strong(dhana bhava), the eyes would be strong. If the lord be in 6/8/12 houses or bhava there could be problems in eyes.

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