Your 2016-17 CAREER Horoscope & JOB Report

Get Your In Depth CAREER Horoscope & JOB Predictions Report For 2016-17 & Coming Years!

• This report helps you take complete control of your career , so that come up in your career in flying colors in terms of better job prospects and salary or money flows.
• You get an accurate Prognosis Of Your Career/job & business for coming 12 months and overview of career pattern for year 2016-17 and coming years.
• It tells you accurately-Which Career could make You A Star & Why
• Your D10 ( 10th Harmonic Chart related to career Analyzed).
• Know Your Hidden talents and shortcomings related to Job or business success based on your Birth chart- so that you can utilize your potential to the best.
• Get to Know what are Your Strong & weak Periods in career accurately.That is when you should lie low in office and when you could be more assertive.
• Get simple yet effective remedial measures to solve career or Business related problems more easily.
• Good Quality & Reliable Astrology Report, Assured by IIT Alumnus(World Class Experts in Vedic Astrology & Numerology)!quality-control-571149_1280
• Get All the above mentioned features & gains for you in around a 12 page in-depth Career Report Personalized for your Birth Horoscope Covering every aspect of your Career related matters , Prepared by a World Class Vedic Astrologer.
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If You Want To Know More About This Report- please continue reading below:

What Is a Career & Job 2016-17 Horoscope report?
We all want to Surge ahead in our Careers. As our Career or job Helps us to get money to run our families and helps us being occupied in our work. That is career is the source of our work satisfaction and self respect as well.
This report tells you about which careers suit you the most based on your Horoscope, what exactly to expect on career front in coming 12 months along with remedial measures to solve your career related problems.

Why is this Career & Job 2016-17 Horoscope report Important For you?
As we know certain careers or professions suit us like tailor made products and make us stars, others make us work very hard with not so commensurate returns or recognition.
Also given the transits of 2016-17 of slow moving planets like rahu, Jupiter and retro-gate Mars and Saturn together in Scorpio creates very interesting set of challenges and opportunities for career growth for us.
This report tells you exactly based on your Birth Chart about which type of careers would suit you. Also based on your Horoscope what exactly you should expect in coming 12 months in terms of work challenges, possible promotions or elevations, your relationship with your boss & colleagues, possibility of job transfer or change.
All this with simple yet effective remedial measures to help you solve your career problems better.
What can You Expect From Career & Job 2016-17 Horoscope report?
• You will get to know the basic pattern of coming year 2016-17 12 months & onward ,for your Job or Business.
• Detailed Month By Month Analysis for each of the coming 12 months.
• Each Month Analysis would emphasize on aspects like, job or business environment, stability, chance of promotion or otherwise, Your Relationships with your colleagues or Boss, Any Possibility of Job Transfer or Change etc.
• Analysis of Your Dasamsa ( The 10 harmonic ,D10 Chart), to re confirm what promise is there in your Lagna chart for your Business & Job.
• Impact of slow moving planets like Rahu,Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars as a Special Case for year 2016-17 on your Business and Job.
• Any special planetary Yoga’s Or Combinations that You might have related to Your Career/Job or business.
” …I had been working in a well known US MNC in America for past several years. I used to work from home comfortably and handle my family affairs well. But due to the economic slow down my job was in danger. Taking your advice clearly told me what expect, and I was able to proactively take the right steps in time .

Your prediction about a pertinent family matter has also come to pass.I am doing simple remedies suggested by you, which my faith allows me to do. Thanks for all your support for the troubled times.
Natasha USA”

30% OFF:
8$/499 Rs.
.( ORDER NOW To Get Your 30% Discount!)
Delivery within 72 Hours-in pdf formatpdf-icon