Gautam Gambhir Captain Indian Cricket IPL matches, Hidden Secrets -2016 horoscope based on Vedic Astrology



Hidden Secrets of Gautam Gambhir the captain of Indian cricket for Kolkata knight riders in Indian Premium league (IPL). Fathomed by science of Vedic Astrology


Astrology 2016 Horoscope & Predictions for Gautam Gambhir:

  • Gautam Gambhir has Jupiter(Sagittarius as ascendant) which is sitting in 10thThis is raja yoga karaka for Gautam Gambhir as sun the lord of 9th( house of fortunes) sits in 10th near to the ascendant lord Jupiter
  • Jupiter sits on the strongest planet mercury sign that is 565 in shadabala.
  • Saturn that rules Gautam Gambhir’s wealth and status & his actions, though a bit combust also sits near Jupiter.
  • Saturn gives him the basic gambhir(serious) nature and also helps him in his basic discipline.
  • Disciplined actions by planet Saturn naturally give Gautam Gambhir good results in Indian cricket( especially the IPL matches)
  • Moon in Aries and sitting in 5tyh could give him unexpected anger or rage also this could help him fuel his actions in the cricket matches.
  • Planet sun the lord of 9th is also very strong giving him the name, fame and yes captaincy in Indian cricket (IPL matches/Kolkata knight riders).
  • 2016 horoscope predictions for Gautam Gambhir
  • In Year 2016, Jupiter gets into Gautam Gambhir’s house of luck and fortune that is 9th house. This could give him phenomenal success and gain and name/wealth in indian cricket(IPL) and otherwise.
  • Rahu transiting in 9th could cause some trouble to his male seniors. Also he has to be bit careful of his image for IPL/Indian Cricket.
  • Jupiter transit on natal mars could help Gautam Gambhir in his enhancement in family as well.


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