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SCORPIO Personality:

Scorpio     has the water     element in it and is the eighth     sign of the zodiac. The ruler is planet mars – the planet of action, aggression and may be debates. This makes you naturally inclined  for either too much of action or less action.

Your sign is a combination of eagle and the Scorpio- which makes your personality a bit contradictory. For a very young age, you might be very pure minded, but once past the teens you may swing otherwise. You are prone to lead a double life

You could be very talented and gifted with writing skills. You may get selfish at one time and at the other time become too forgiving and compassionate.

You could be peace makers as you are metal fighters and not physical.You may have either too many fronds or too many enemies- again a contrast.

Sooner or later you may be attracted to occult/philosophy or spirituality. You could also be a nature lover.

SCORPIO Love Horoscope & Married Life:

You may have great sex appeal and men in this sign may attract women and women in this sign may attract men. You have to take control on your sexuality as this sign rules the 8th house.

You might be too domination for your spouse and may be given way to.

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SCORPIO Career Horoscope:

Your could be clever in business and politics. You can be good advisors to others.

You could become a good peacemaker at office making enemies come together.

Your talents in general and writing skills could pay you off well.

Procrastination is a greatest enemy of yours. Keep a tab on this.

Surgeons, anything to do with fire arms or scientific research is in your purview. Anything demanding aggressive discussion and debates could be done by you.

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SCORPIO Money Horoscope:

You could have extremes in financial situations. Being compassionate you may spend a lot and in impulse.
You could earn well due to your talents and mental abilities. When matters are fortune you may travel .

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 SCORPIO Health Horoscope:

You might be a bit lean in earlier years , but may gain weight by middle age.
Take special care of your heart due to influence of planet mars- also avoid over-strain due to work.

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SCORPIO Year 2015 Horoscope Ending & 2016 Horoscope Overview:

An year could work out well with lots of high energy- for  various matters- be it home/office or friends- but have  control   on being hasty or impulsive  in words or action has to be there. People could get impulsive or  angry with you   as well-  but you have to maintain your balance and forgive and show your affection to them. Else the problems or situation could   grow  much bigger.

Strictly avoid arguments- even though given your skills/inner strength you be right mostly. Just use your high energy today to help your family/friend and office colleagues.

Health is a concern now.Avoid foods that are rajasik in nature and create heat-like fast foods.Loans or debts should be avoided. Guard on enmity, accidents or conflicts going wrong.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: AVERAGE: Sudden spurt in emotions and connection to more number of people possible. Live in control

CAREER : GOOD: cash the opportunities. Be focused and forgiving. Now and again delays could be there in matters.No fights- simple or say debates that are futile

LOVE/ROMANCE: ABOVE AVERAGE: Take advantage of the time with regard to intense love and passion you may feel, avoid fights caused by high energy- forgive others .

FINANCE/STOCKS: GOOD: Could be good period for finances/stocks- opportunities could possibly be there, try to cash in it with focus and openness

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SCORPIO Luck Improvement Suggestions for You:

SCORPIO Lucky Signs and Life Partner Signs:

Cancer, Pisces  and  Taurus

SCORPIO Lucky Months:

July, March  and May

SCORPIO Lucky dates:


SCORPIO Lucky Colours:

Blue and crimson

SCORPIO Lucky Stones:

All red colored stones as they represent mars energy and turquoise
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