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LEO Personality:

Leo   has the fire    element in it and is the fifth    sign of the zodiac. The ruler is sun – the planet of name, fame and money. This gives Leo people a strong sense of independence and freedom.

You are very independent minded, loyal and to some extent egoistical. You are a friend or friends and an enemy of enemies.
Your love for loyalty and people in position or power is very high.You have a generous nature and are usually lucky in money matters.

You could make enemies due to your frankness in speaking.

LEO Love Horoscope & Married Life:

You are a royal partner to have- who is friendly and passionate. You Loves physical contact and also moving around. Your partner would love to have you. But the only concern is being too egoistical and quickly hurt in ego.

You are truthful and honest regarding your emotions which any partner would love to have.

Try to speak with love and care and come out of your own self- and you will have a smooth love life.

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LEO Career Horoscope:

Your ambition and willpower , especially if sun is strong would take you to the top of the ladder.

But being outspoken and easily angered could make secret enemies  for you in your professional life.

Try to be with the crowd and respect people senior to you. All leadership roles , financial heads and yes public life are meant for you.

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LEO Money Horoscope:

You are generally lucky regarding Money You need to take well thought decisions regarding Money:. Partnerships and games of chance( includes lottery) could give you money.

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LEO Health Horoscope:

As your ruling planet sun rules heart and also head ( the first sign), you have to be careful about the same. Pains in your ears and head are possible. Palpitating  and heart trouble could be kept at bay by doing YOGA.

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LEO Year 2015 Horoscope Ending & 2016 Horoscope Overview:

Overall above average, High energy time- try to deal with emotions of yourself and people well.

Let the excess energy be utilized properly. Up to middle of this period(July 2016 Horoscope)struggle could be there. One needs to take care of fevers and aggression and fights.

Take good care of your domination or anger. Special care of family members. Regarding health- take less of hot ans spicy food. Luck could give sudden gains and windfalls now. heart needs care.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: ABOVE AVERAGE: The energy levels could be high, but avoid clashes and fights this time. Avoid dictating terms.

CAREER : ABOVE AVERAGE:Good energy levels could help you achieve well. You may connect to higher ups. Avoid clashes.

LOVE/ROMANCE: ABOVE AVERAGE: Good energy would help you connect to others, but again not indications to lover- but simple forgiveness and proper passion.

FINANCE/STOCKS: ABOVE AVERAGE:Initially matters could be tough in finances – but better after middle time.

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LEO Luck Improvement Suggestions for You:

LEO Lucky Signs and Life Partner Signs:

Aries, Sagittarius  and Aquarius

LEO Lucky Months:

April, December  and February

LEO Lucky dates:

1,10,19( avoid being impulsive or aggressive now), 23,3

Also people born in any month with dates in harmony with sun= 1st,10th,19th,28th

LEO Lucky Colors:

Orange and yellow.

LEO Lucky Stones:


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