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CANCER Personality:

Cancer  has the Water   element in it and is the fourth   sign of the zodiac. The ruler is moon – the planet of change- also the sign cancer/crab- creates a  bit of contradictions in you. You may at times say yes to something and after some time retreat and say no.

You are very sensitive and would love home, but at the same time would like to travel and have change due to influence of planet moon.

Being restless and overtly anxious especially about money has to be avoided.
You could have un usual ups and downs in early life- but you could be very hard-working as well.

CANCER Love Horoscope & Married Life:

You are a very emotional and sensitive person- so your partner needs to be very careful with you. As a small trifle could make you feel that you are not loved or cared for.

Your being over anxious and sensitive could affect relationships. But at the same time your romantic nature could transform the relationships to a different dimension.

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CANCER Career Horoscope:

You are hardworking and also have a good imagination suited to become an artist or a singer or may be a musician. You have good powers of intuition developed so could become a good psychic.

Also fields needing change and travel are a cup of your tea.

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CANCER Money Horoscope:

There could be ups  and downs in Money. Also you have to be careful about schemes that trick you. But having control over emotions and working hard would make you successful for sure.

Unexpected money gains are also possible.

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 CANCER Health Horoscope:

Gastric troubles and chest troubles.

Also inflammation s like rheumatism could be there. Take care of hand and feet.

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CANCER Year 2015 Horoscope Ending & 2016 Horoscope Overview:

Overall the time could be of mixed nature- there could be phases of high passion/emotion and also phases of certain  things not working as they should.Control of sudden emotions is suggested. Let not fights creep in relationships. Take  care of your mother or senior female members.

Focus on your do the job and let completion of some of the work commenced earlier take place. One must be less emotional  in addition to show manage in wrath situations. Events could happen suddenly.

Stay away from stress in addition to your being energetic. Take good care of other people at home and office. One may connect with larger lot of people or have meeting/connecting with an increase of than usual people at home or office front.

Time when you could be more active. Passion and anger needs special control. You may be more action oriented and get things done. Good time professionally – if calmness maintained.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: ABOVE AVERAGE:Again avoid anger and over emotionalism this time as this could affect your relationships and health.Take care of accidents.

CAREER : GOOD: The is important may quicken a bit on this occasion. This could be a time of extremes and ups and downs. let not emotional problems cause issues.

LOVE/ROMANCE: ABOVE AVERAGE: Sensitivity in addition to passion could possibly be high a little bit control should be applied. Over emotionalism could spoil matters.

FINANCE/STOCKS: GOOD: Could be good period for finances/stocks, but extremes could be there-avoid sudden decisions

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CANCER Luck Improvement Suggestions for You:

CANCER Lucky Signs and Life Partner Signs:

Cancer, Scorpio  and Pisces

CANCER Lucky Months:

July, November   and March

CANCER Lucky dates:

2,4( unexpected results- good or bad, avoid panic), 11,20

CANCER Lucky Colors:

White and cream.

CANCER Lucky Stones:

Moon stones and pearls especially

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