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AQUARIUS  Personality:

Aquarius    has the air   element in it and is the eleventh       sign of the zodiac. The ruler is planet  Saturn – You are a combination of being inspired, may be over sensitive and highly strung and a person who may hide his or her true feelings.

You might have good powers of intuition also developed. You might be hiding your emotions and might also be a bitter fighter for the sake of ego.
You could have a good control on people who are excitable and not very rational thinkers.

AQUARIUS  Love Horoscope & Married Life:

You may outwardly appear cold, but inwardly you could be very warm at heart.You may feel yourself alone at heart.

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AQUARIUS  Career Horoscope:

You could be inspired and bound to lead. But avoid being very sensitive and develop more willpower for success.

You could do well in business- but you  may do better making money or business for others.You could do well in debating matters  and with good logic due to saturn. Try to listen to other people’s logic as well.

You could succeed if given a larger sphere of action- as you are inspired and have a vision , imagination and inventiveness in you. This would get a vent in such kind of work.

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AQUARIUS  Money Horoscope:

You could do well in money matters- but you  may do better making money or business for others. You need to keep a guard on deceit regarding money matters.

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 AQUARIUS  Health Horoscope:

Being highly strung, you need to take care of your nerves. Keep them calm with YOGA.

Stomach troubles could be there, eyes and bad circulation need care.

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AQUARIUS  Year 2015 Horoscope Ending & 2016 Horoscope Overview:

A day could work out well- on various matters- be it home/office or friends- but control on coldness or any hard words has to be there from your side. People could get impulsive or  angry-  but  you have to maintain your balance and forgive and show the  logic behind what you do or say. Else the problems or situation could grow bigger. Strictly avoid arguments- even though given your skills/inner strength you be right mostly.

Though you are more prone to be action oriented now. Take good care of your actions. There could be sudden issues at office. But you would work very well.Be polite and relaxed with near and dear ones.Take good care of legs and arms.Sexual conduct should also be discreet.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: AVERAGE: There could be a mix of work and emotions in your life. Let this not stress of work and emotions balancing ,make you angry or frustrated.

CAREER : ABOVE AVERAGE: Beneficial to career, connecting to men and women for business purposes possible. Keep emotions in control

LOVE/ROMANCE: ABOVE AVERAGE: Time to take a break and connect closely with your spouse or loved one now. Show him/her your inner emotions and compassion. Please don’t hide yourself.

FINANCE/STOCKS: ABOVE AVERAGE: Proper preparation and planning can attract best of luck/money this period

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AQUARIUS Luck Improvement Suggestions for You:

AQUARIUS  Lucky Signs and Life Partner Signs:

Gemini, Libra and Scorpio

AQUARIUS  Lucky Months:

June, October and November.

AQUARIUS  Lucky dates:


AQUARIUS  Lucky Colors:

Electric grey and Electric blues.

AQUARIUS  Lucky Stones:

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