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Western Astrology,Vedic Astrology(VA) and related Sciences of Numerology or Iching, are very powerful tools to look at possibilities of past,future or present. But because of their evolving nature and also complexity in interpretations,  they cannot be 100%  correct always.

Vedic Astrology is primarily a Science that suggest chances and possibility of  any event(say for example timing of marriage ) happening in your or someone’s life.No one can say that this event (for example Like marriage) can happen with 100% certainty.We simply have different degrees of surety for any event to happen like:very high,high,medium or low .Based on which proper judgement can be drawn.

Yes. no doubt Western Astrology,Vedic Astrology and Numerology are powerful alternative tools/method’s to make predictions and manage life problems better, but they are just complimentary and NOT a substitute of to other professional advice,like: doctor’s advice, lawyer’s advice or property consultant’s advice etc.

One has to combine the various knowledge bodies as mentioned above(like doctor’s advice, lawyer’s advice, property consultant’s advice etc) along with Astrology & Allied Studies(western and vedic astrology,numerology,Iching) , and yes proper hard-work & common sense to get the BEST RESULTS in any given situation.

We are highly professional and customer driven, but as there is effort and investment involved in anything we do for you- there is NO REFUND policy, plus we have a right to change the terms and conditions due to the dynamic nature of the business.

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