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Your Daily Horoscope & Weekly Horoscope:

Daily Horoscope is a very Important and Crucial part of the vedic astrology and astrology in general. As it helps us to know the pattern of events for any day for matters like family,love,career,money ,health or any  other  matter- a useful guide for you.

So that we are well prepared for any situation before hand.

We know Saturn(shani), Jupiter(Guru) and Planets like Rahu and Ketu [Called dragons head and dragon’s tail]are slow moving planets- but still they have an impact on the daily events- as they set the context or the stage for any event to happen , by working in tandem with fast moving planets like Mars(mangal),Mercury(budha),venus(shukra) and last but not the least and most important the movement of planet moon(Chandra), which changes sign in almost 2 to3 days!Giving a twist of fate by every change , within every change in Nakshatra pada(the zodiac is divided into 27 nakshatras or constellations, and each nakshatra has 4 padas).


Based on the above said factors – daily Or weekly Horoscope is calculated. We at take pride in providing one of the most Accurate Daily Horoscope(general), Daily Horoscope(Personalized) and Weekly Horoscope predictions for you. Based on Pure scientific methods.

  • Your FREE Daily Horoscope(based on Sun Sign)daily
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  • Your FREE Weekly Horoscope(based on Sun Sign)
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