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    Know About Your Self- Based on Your Western Sun Sign OR Rashi Moon sign(Chandra lagna) based on Vedic Astrology Below

    Aries Native or Mesha Rashi
    There is a chance of Aries being on nerves. The travel is more than normal. Aries has to be more open minded and sharing his or her wealth. There could be domination in bile and winds in the native.
    There is a tendency to block the projects or work other people might be working.
    The power the grasp things are good. The life partner is generally beautiful as rules by venus. Water is a risk to Aries as water is ruled by moon/cancer where mars the lord of Aries is weak.

    Taurus Native or Vrishabha Rashi
    Taurus people have the generally stout thighs just like the bull. The face is also broad. The middle part of life and end part is more comfortable. Taurus might pick up fights. Taurus is fond of food, clothes and ornaments generally. The birth of Taurus affects the father as lord of Taurus is Venus and it works against the planet sun that is father.
    Gemini Native or Mithuna Rashi
    The person is well respected and clever in talking.
    The person generally marries well. Has a double nature. Has good knowledge and is close to younger people or kids.
    May have issues with kids. There is generally sharp nose, curly hair and black eyes. The person is intelligent and is able to achieve high education.
    Cancer Native or Karkat Rashi
    The hip and neck are generally well developed. The person could be of short stature.
    The person is fond of water & children. Generally gets bored at one place. The life partner might be taller than the person.
    Leo Native or Simha Rashi
    The tendency and taste for meat might be more for the Leo native. He or she could gain good governmental favors if sun is OK. Interest in politics even at the office level could be there. The person’s face resembles that of lion and the temperament could be fiery .Gets landed property, with a slender waist generally of a lion. The life partner may oppose or at least have strong difference of opinions in life.
    Virgo Native or Kanya Rashi
    This person might be polite and also might study ancient literature or ancient sciences. Good for people in painting and poetry. The person could be a bit feminine and might have good handwriting. The person may not be very close to brothers. Virgo should avoid drooping shoulders. One could do well in the field of law.
    Libra Native or Tula Rashi
    As per Hindu classics Libra generally has long face, curly hair and uneven feet and hands. There could be wasting of money on women if Libra is a man and may be more than average obsession for ornaments or jeweler in case of women. The person is learned and likes learned people. Libras are prone to sexual problems as sign Libra rules the sex organs so one has to be a bit careful in sexual conduct. The person due to influence of Venus could be artistic in nature.
    Scorpio Native or Vrishchika Rashi
    The person is generally well built and tall. There is an element of mischief in the person and also the person might be very close to mother. The eyes could be fiery, short belly and might have long fingers. He or she might go against his own mentors. He might get a good life partner due to affect of venus.Due to 8th sign ridership- some people might take interest in mystical sciences. There is lot of prudence and respect for self. There is a fair deal of ego
    Sagittarius Native or Dhanu Rashi
    The person is open minded like the benefic Jupiter.The person could also be very honest ,sympathetic and generous.
    If Jupiter is well placed in the chart the person is very fortunate. The person could be a spendthrift, at times reckless and erratic. He or she loves peace and yes philosophy.The teeth could be long , the hair could be thick and long. The person could earn form the government.The life partner of Sagittarius is quick witted person as mercury rules 7th house.Legal profession and politics work well for this person.Medicine could also be in your gamut.
    Capricorn Native or Makar Rashi
    This is a hard sign ruled by Saturn, this could make a person sometimes a bit timid and not so much for religion. One has to be kind to people around.The nose could be prominent, more hair on the head, long hands, legs. This person might be interested in music and could be knowing classics. There could be a basic conflict with the lover. The ambition levels are high generally. The ability to manage and organize is high.Government services may not generally favor.
    Aquarius Native or Kumbha Rashi
    The health may not be great as per classics. There could be a controversy about the person within the friend circle.
    There could be less harmony with the life partner.Aquarius people should try to speak more truth. One should follow a virtuous path. He or she could walk long distances.Friends define his/her destiny. There could be fluctuations in fortune.
    Pisces Native or Meena Rashi
    There could be some prominence in belly from middle age on wards. The teeth and lips might also be prominent. Due to Jupiter literary attainment could be there. The person might love animals and also agriculture. The person might learn more about traditional stuff, politic or law due to influence of Jupiter. Brother could be source of gain for Pisces .Likes more water. The life partner is generally good. He or she trades could be in fish ,ship and pearls.