Cancer CAREER Horoscope

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Cancer Career:

You are hardworking and also have a good imagination suited to become an artist or a singer or may be a musician. You have good powers of intuition developed so could become a good psychic.

Also fields needing change and travel are a cup of your tea.Your quick intelligence and any initiative to go with care of people or education could grow well.Your work may demand leadership roles – and yes, action- so try to stray firm in your views when you take any decision.

Avoid fights in career due to your sensitive nature.

Careers That Suit You :
Your key planet in moon- the planet for sensitivity and care.
You could do well in careers to do with fluids(say milk, water related etc) as moon is a watery planet.
Also careers needing sensitivity, care or connecting two parties together could be your cup of tea.
The golden mantra for you is stay firm and not to waver in your decisions. Fear nothing . All is well for you.

• Travelling, as moon represents travel and fluidity.
• Diplomatic roles- applies to management and leadership roles as well.
• Business with foreign countries
• Artistic endeavors , where sensitivity is important- like drawing, counselling
• Getting two parties to talk together- this could be a good skill in any management or team lead role
• Arbitration between parties or two people
• Fluid related profession
• Iron or heavy industry would not help you much.
To know exactly which career could bring in laurels to you and which could bring in more failures, Your entire horoscope has to be studied & analyzed.

Your Lucky Years:
22,20,32,29,42,55,30 , 23,19, 50(mixed),
Your Lucky months:
July, May , March
January and August, would be OK.
Your Lucky Dates:
2,11,14(mixed effects),19(mixed effects),20(mixed results), 22(mixed results),23,1,10
Bosses Who Could Push You Up in the ladder
Cancer(own sign), Taurus(moon exalted in Taurus), Pisces(watery sign , same as cancer)
Capricorn(mixed effects) and Leo (mixed effects), would be OK.