Birth Horoscope Houses Meanings(Kundli bhava meanings)


What Are the Meanings of Various Horoscope of a Birth Chart or kundli?

Any Birth chart or kundli has 12 houses- and each house represents a specific aspect or event of  human life like 2nd  house stands  for wealth , 4th house for mother and so on.

Here the various signification or meanings of any house are discussed below.

First House(lagna bhava)- the house of self:

The First house or tanu bhava is said to be ruling the physical body of the person, his or her ability to think, the personality, the color of the body.

The overall vitality of the body or any weaknesses, any gains or losses to the body at physical or emotional level is guessed based on the ascendant rashi.

Second  House(dhana bhava)- the house of wealth:

The second house or the dhana bhava rules the wealth flows, the status of a person, also food, there is a bearing on death (as 7th from 8th house).

The family judgement, metal. About precious stones (wealth) is also taken from dhana bhava.

Third  House(sahaj bhava)- the house of surroundings:

The third house rules your surroundings, your ability to put up resistance( as mars is a karaka for this house), the people who could attend to you, your near and dear ones like sisters,brothers.. It also refers to basic initiation.

Parent’s longevity could also be judged from here as 7th from 9th.

Fourth  House(Bandhu bhava)- The house of mother and home:

The fourth house or Bandhu bhava rules your relatives, mother, mind, vehicle and conveyances, landed property, buildings or your home and also wealth gains from land.

Fifth House(Putra Bhava)- the house of children:

The fifth house or putra bhava rules your children, stocks, spells, your learning and knowledge levels, sons  and also honour or fall in position.

Sixth House(Ari bhava)- the house of diseases:

The sixth house or called as ari bhava- rules enmity, bad health, ,maternal uncles 9 (as it is 3rd from your mother’s house),stomach troubles, and also step mother.

Seventh House(Yuvati Bhava)- the house of marriage:

The seventh house or the Yuvati bhava deals with your relationships, wife, travel, to do with business or trade, sight related problems. As it is 12th form house of longevity(that is 8th)- it rules death as well.

Eighth House(randhir bhava)- the house of longevity and obstacles:

The eighth house or Randhr bhava deals with enemies, prostitutes, anti social elements, battle, fortified buildings, gaining wealth from land or dead people.

Ninth  House(Dharma bhava)-The house of Dharma/religion:

The ninth house or dharma bhava rules your luck and fortune, visitations to holy places, your interest in doing good and religion, also your brother’s wife.

Tenth  House(karma Bhava) – The house of career:

The tenth house or the house of action(karma bhava) , rules your career or profession, some say it rules father as well- though 9th house is a better first for the same. The respected or honor you get and your living in foreign lands.

Eleventh  House(Labha Bhava)-The house of gains:

The eleventh house or the labha bhava – rules the wife of son is 11th, as 7th from 5th house), all ornaments or articles, and four legged animals.

Twelfth  House(Vyaya bhava)- The house of expenditure:

This is the twelfth house or vyaya bhava. The word vayaya means expenditure or wasting- so this house deal with your expenditure, person’s death or after life to some extent, prognosis of enmity.

Any house or bhava gives good results if it has an aspect or conjunction(yuti) from a benefic like Venus,mercury or Jupiter(also strong moon).
It is weak if it is aspect or conjunct otherwise.,
The lords of houses 3,6,11,12 and 8 are also not considered good.
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