BIHAR ELECTIONS RESULTS!!! Why did the ALLIANCE WIN? 2016 Horoscopes –Our Prediction Came True!!!


Information About Elections:

The Grand Alliance it seems has gotten sa landslide victory to provide sri  Nitish Kumar a third term in power after defeating  the BJP-led alliance in the higher-stakes Assembly elections of  Bihar. As the Grand Alliance showed clear victory, Prime Minister sri Narendra Modi, who also had put up a fairly aggressive campaign, addressing over 30+ rallies, called up sri  Kumar to congratulate him for  the poll victory.

Final tally

Grand alliance: 178

NDA: 58

Others: 7

Birth Data:

Sri  Nitish Kumar

Date of Birth: 1st March, 1951
Time of Birth: 13.20
Place of Birth: Bakhtiarpur, Bihar, India 


Sri Narendar Modi



17 September, 1950
Vadnagar, Gujarat
10:10 am

Predictions That were Made By Us Several Weeks Ago( In My local circles):

  • Though several astrology sites had predicted( had made predictions) a tough time for sri Nitish kumar, we based on our astrological calculations stood by the opinion that sri nitish kumar would win for sure.
  • Note: presently we are not taking sri laloo prasad yadav ji’s horoscope as majorly the results would be there due to the one who is front ending the show. Laloo yadav ji is not, his kids are to some extent.

  • What Do The NUMBERS Foretell?:

  • The election results would be based primarily on the front face/leaders of that party. For the a) alliance it is sri Nitish kumar Ji
  • For BJP its sri Narendra modi

The coming year 2016 has a bearing  on present months as the year 2015 to 106 changes is at the corner.

Coming year ruled by 2016 = 2+0+1+6= 9= Planet Mars

  • The Key ruler for sri Nitish kumar ji = 1(born on 1st march), and = Planet SUN
  • Planet SUN is very comfortable with planet MARS, though they generate a lot of heat and passion. But still they don’t go against each other. The election results are a living proof!
  • Also date of election results= 8/11/2015 = 8+11(2)+ 2015 = 8+2+8 = 18 = 9 = MARS!
  • Month/November is ruled by sign Scorpio= ruled by mars.

And the day = Sunday All supportive sri Nitish Kumar Ji


  • But for Sri narendra Mod Ji:

He is ruled by 17( born 17th September) = 1+7=8 = planet Saturn, this is very uncomfortable with planet Mars of the coming year 2016. The results and the present month ruled by  planet mars( sign Scorpio) is a ling proof of the result we have in the elections.


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    What Does Astrology Say?:

    Sri Nitish Kumar ji Horoscope


    • The core transit at the moment that would be decisive is Jupiter’s transit in Leo( Vedic astrology)
    • Jupiter transits sri Nitish Kumar’s 3rtrd house and aspects 7th ( 7th ensure good partnerships formed)and 9th(wind falls- election results are a living proof!)
    • Also Jupiter rules new partnerships and career/profession .Rest is History.

    Sri Narendra Modi horoscope


    Jupiter transits his 11th house, but absorbs malefic energy from unhappy Saturn and also unhappy and very malefic Venus- over all which could give un expected results and losses.

    So transit Jupiter does not share very good energies with either the efforts he put in or the alliances he gets into.
    We know exactly this has happened.



    • Any result/event or outcome  in the  world is interplay of harmony
    1. A) (Of Your PLANETS or Your NUMBERS)( which controls 75% of your life) + B)Your own efforts( which controls 25% of your life).
    • By proper use of science of  astrology and numerology – we can improve our 25% to 50% or more and live a more Happy & contented life!