As the Celestial Vedas(Hindu Sacred Scriptures, Revealed by GOD) declare- that to Any Problem, there exists a Solution!

Now this is indeed a Very Positive Assurance from GOD- that if we have Problems in the world, then GOD has Provided Solution to Each & Every Problem as well. It is in India only, that practical and effective methods to mitigate effects of malefic or weak planets was studied in the most scientific manner.

There are various methods to mitigate the bad influences of planets- that are:
a) Use of Gemstones.
b) Use Of Yantras( amulets) .
c) Use of Yajnas or Yagyas/oblations.
yagya havan 2

Out of all the most powerful and effective is the use of Yajnas/Yagyas(prayers with recitation of mantras(scared incantations) to GOD), which brings the desired effect in the Cosmos to solve any problem in life or get the desired gains we wish to have!There is no magic, but a science behind all this.

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