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Dear Mr. ABC:

It would be a pleasure for us to be able to help you with your QUESTION.
As a question service is for specific matters or one pain points, your concern about career Change and wealth in 2016 is addressed below.

Your Question:

What are my career change and related wealth or salary prospects?

Your Horoscope Details:



Dasha You run now :

strong Planets are: Sun

Exalted : Jupiter & Moon

Planets Weak Or in Debility Mercury is weak and combust

Planets for Luck and fortune Mars or mangal.

Dasha You run now :

jup-MON  till 3/ 6(June)/16

jup-MAR  atleast till end of 2016 and 2017 starting

Analysis Of Your Horoscope – For Your Question:

As per Vedic astrology – Your Jupiter through apparently strong as it is exalted- but is weak and retrogate in cancer and rules 10th house of career. It is Jupiter’s period you are running now.

Jupiter as such could give a lot of reversals or change of direction of career for you.

Jupiter will generally take you in very specialized career, which involves deep thinking and may be training  people or research etc.

But overall success factor would be low , as it is weak and you may want to be more adjusting and accommodating with people around(Though you are friendly being born in sun sign Pisces of western astrology, but being born on 17th= 1+7=8 = Saturn gives some affliction to social  life & yes some more than average struggle in life – but supports work related meetings,  so just a word of cautions.).

Though you are very warm and friendly internally. But your destiny is very focused and into research/teaching and in later life bhakti and spirituality.

Your moon is strong in Taurus- so till June you could get good offers- but overall the year 2016 may not be very supportive for you. IN the seen – matters would move slow,  and chances of strong ego clashes/outburst at times with people and more than average  of stress possible. You may not be able to fully trust people. Also you should trust with care.

Try to keep the family front also cool- I am sure you could do YOGA and meditation  to help you take the right decisions.

After June- you run mars- your mars though rules good houses – that is 2nd and 9th and is in 8th. It will not give benefit as it is weak and also on a weak depositor Venus.

You need to control harsh words , especially with females- as over all this could affect the career and money and wealth flows.

You could expect some slight improvement in this situation by October 2016, but the true benefits could come to you in 2017 march on wards.

Mars the planet of wealth is in 8th house- this does not help you. Stay cool and relaxed and speak as sweetly as possible. All would be well for you.

BONUS for you- Your Life Scope & Destiny.
As we know self awareness helps to grow more and work more effectively, your key personality traits are Given Below.

  • Sun in ascendant or lagna could make you valiant, rich and proud
  • The surya or sun in the sign of Pisces or meena rashi, You would give youleadership skills and a responsible nature
  • The planet Jupiter or Guru could have an attractive, strong a clean body
  • Due to exalted Jupiter You are sociable to some extent , could have many friends and a good host
  • You have a good longevity and love for travel
  • Also

  • Also sun again gives you brilliant appearance and well known
  • A strong moon could make you peaceful by nature and a good ad visor
  • You would have strong purpose and be determined
  • You would be intelligent but with an unstable mind as mercury or budha is afflicted.
  • You have gift in fine arts.
  • You may move away from birth place
  • You have good period 25-35 and 50-56
  • You might be attached to mother
  • You may have combative nature at times due to mars or mangal effects.
  • Remedies or Suggestions to help you:

    • Most of the remedies have been giving above- but rest are given below.
    • Look for mars yantra on our site , and try to make it on people on Tuesdays on ascending moon( shukla paksha) and keep it in pocket if you feel like.
    • For getting the best from jupiter energy ,Feed birds with banana daily.
    • For pacifying mars chant Hanuman chalisa daily.
    • Be more adjusting to others views- you will become a gem

    Additional Recommendations To Help You:
    Your Numbers Based on Your Name & Birth details Given are :
    Your name number comes to Venus, it is not in harmony with your birth number and also your other numbers.
    It might give stress or issues in marital relationships  and or job.
    One could harmonize the same with name change as an added factor for success in over all aspects of life-.