Aquarius MONEY Horoscope

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Aquarius MONEY Horoscope:

You could do well in money matters- but you  may do better making money or business for others. You need to keep a guard on deceit regarding money matters.

You may earn well from overseas business or business to do with secrets or hidden matters. You could be a good teacher and yes a good philosopher too. Avoid being too rigid or insistent in views or too sensitive- so as to earn money. Will power and controlling sensitivity is your key need to earn money.

General 2016 Monthly Guidance for Finances & Stocks for the benefit of Businessmen, Consultants/Contractors, Stocks Market Investors

• Investment for a factory.
• Labour related work
• Investment in engineering work
• Land dealings.
• Business and finances
• Investment in science
Certain careers could lead you to the top and others may keep you mediocre. One needs to study the complete birth chart to see if Jupiter is strong and does not rules malefic houses.
Your Lucky months:
June, October, November
September would be fair and August(could be hard).
Your Lucky Dates For investment :
13,11,14,15,17,20,23,26,24,29( could give mixed effects),31
People Who Could Help You Accumulate wealth More easily:
Dates people born with:
5,6,8,14,1517,23,26,31 of any month

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