AQUARIUS 2016 Horoscope

 aquarius 2016 horoscope astrology

AQUARIUS  Year 2015 Horoscope Ending & 2016 Horoscope Overview:

This Year could work out well- on various matters- be it home/office or friends- but control on coldness or any hard words has to be there from your side. People could get impulsive or  angry-  but  you have to maintain your balance and forgive and show the  logic behind what you do or say. Else the problems or situation could grow bigger. Strictly avoid arguments- even though given your skills/inner strength you be right mostly.

Though you are more prone to be action oriented now. Take good care of your actions. There could be sudden issues at office. But you would work very well.Be polite and relaxed with near and dear ones.Take good care of legs and arms.Sexual conduct should also be discreet.

January & February 2016 could be OK for work but not for love or family matters. Lot of fighst and power struggle is possible now
March might mean a mix of fun ,work and new initiative . Just an OK time., enjoy your work, fun and extra meetings.
April could be an eventful time. Avoid rashness or domination this time. Lots of things making you not so happy could happen.
May and October could be OK, but see to it that coldness does not creep on family front. Work responsibility at home and office could be on a higher ebb.
June could be an OK time. But guard on image at office, fights at family and other intense events. Many things happening but not much materializing as such. Avoid hard or harsh communication . All the news that you get may not be sweet in nature.
July is a time to keep your mind positive, less egoistical and avoid any coldness or ego traps. Take good care of relationships and mother or senior ladies in family.
August is a time which could be hard on office front especially. Your intaiuve levels could be high and so could be the ego clashes now. There could be more fights and power struggle in office and even family front. Take good care of health now.
September could be an overall OK time. Lot of things things happening but not much materializing as such. Avoid harsh communication, especially at home front . All the news that you get may not be sweet to your ears, especially on family or your responsibilities front.
October- Already covered earlier.
November could be a very eventful and a hard time, especially work wise- domination with subordinates or with boss could back fire. Avoid being hard or rash this time. Lots of things making you not so happy could happen.
December might mean a mix of fun and work. This could move in phases .Take care of keeping your mind positive. Take good care of your relationships and not fall in ego traps. Just an average time., enjoy your work, fun, additional meetings & sensitivity.

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2016 AQUARIUS Horoscopes:

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