2016 PISCES MONEY Horosocope

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Could be good period for finances/stocks- luck would be supportive as Jupiter gains more strength.

This time could be time of fluctuations as well. Especially March ending and April and July 2016.Keep your head cool and you could be a winner. For more personalized predictions your individual Horoscope has to be erected and analyzed.

General 2016 Monthly Guidance for Finances & Stocks for the benefit of Businessmen, Consultants/Contractors, Stocks Market Investors

There could be gains if discipline there in investing or proper financial decisions are made.
This may not be a great time for money, but just average. Your planned effort could win.
This could be a good time for fortune.
Fair time for fortune. Avoid haste.
There could be harmony and also luck could be supportive. You need to be more responsible now.
This could be a beneficial time for business and money matters. Try to Communicate carefully.

Care on money matters and business decisions is needed. Specialized knowledge would help. Anger or impulse needs to be controlled..
Your luck would be supportive. But also losses a chance due to rahu transit. Take care to avoid being hasty in money matters.
This could be a fair enough time for doing business. Communicate your words with proper care & sensitivity.
Good time for harmonizing matters and luck. Take more responsibility now & be more sensitive. Donations in religious places would help.
Good enough time for gains. Avoid being in haste now. Anger avoidance is suggested. Specialized work could be beneficial. Prayers to GOD could help.
Very good time for Luck and gains. You will have High energy now, so just take care of massaging the ego of the other person to avoid clashes. Overall OK.

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