2016 Pathankot terror Attacks,airbase in India-rahu-ketu axis, Lessons for astrology & Numerology

Photo: Courtesy The Hindu Newspaper

About Terror Attacks in 2016 at pathankot airbase station:

  • On 2 January 2016, there was a heavily armed group that attacked Pathankot Air Force Station, which is a part of the Western Air Command of the Indian Air Force. There were four attackers and three security forces personnel were killed in the initial battle. There was a gun battle and the subsequent combing operation lasted about 17 hours on 2 January 2016. The attackers, who were wearing Indian Army dress, were suspected to belong to Jaish-e-Mohammed, an Islamist militant group.


  • Three soldiers who were injured at the pathankot airbase admitted to hospital  in pathankot with injuries died, raising the death toll to six. On 3 January, fresh gunshots in pathankot airbase station were heard and another security officer was killed by an IED explosion. The operation was continued on 4 January in pathankot airbase  and a fifth attacker was confirmed to be killed in pathankot airbase station. United Jihad Council has claimed responsibility for the attack on 4 January.

Why did the 2016 Pathankot terror attacks happen? Lessons for astrology & Numerology Research & learning for future:

  • Based on pure Vedic astrology principles the progressed ruler ship of India in year 2016 is of  number 4= rahu. Rahu is the key Role player in any terror attacks.
  • India was born on 15/aug/1947, but as it was on the night of 14th and 15th, it has 2 (two birth number), 14th (Ruled by mercury) and 15th= ruled by Venus.


  • The personal year 2016 for India is 14+8+2016(=2+0+1+6) = 5+8+9= 22 =2+2= 4=Rahu. The roles player in terror attacks. January is ruled by planet Saturn & year 2016=9= Mars vibrations give a Jolt to people with mercury dominance. That is born on 14th,5th or 24th.
  • The terrorist Got Into India on 31st night. 31st= 3+1=4=rahu.
  • Saturn being a close cousin of rahu causes a strong chance of the attack. Nothing is 100% predictable. But yes chance was relatively high at 70% for India. We don’t talk about negative , as talking too much about negative events attracts the same, that’s the reason we are doing some post mortem analysis for benefit of mankind in future.
  • 2nd January terror attack happened first, 2= moon and is closely connected with number 7=ketu! Also moon is a bit weak now and so is rahu weak, transiting 4th house of India( ruling the country/society and family). We know how our social fabric and society could affect by the attacks.
  • If we take India’s birth number as 5= mercury( 14th august Independence Day instead of 15th august as we are born on mid night). Also India’s phenomenon success in IT(information technology) due to communication skills can only be explained by planet mercury being ruler.
  • Mercury is very uncomfortable with number 2 of the day of terror attack at airbase station pathankot=as number 2 is moon, the starting day of the terror attacks attack.
  • Now 2 Jan 2016 = 2+Jan(1) +2016(9) = 12= 1+2=Jupiter. Now Jupiter rules 8th house of India’s chart. So 8th house rules death and also terror attacks/underworld/drugs etc. Lots of calamities of India have happened in dates with birth number is 3, like Mumbai blasts( 12 March 1993, now 12=1+2=3, and March=3= ruled by Pisces=12th sign=3). All these number combinations sort of predict for just a possibility of attack. One cannot say with 100% surety that an attack would happen, but yes higher probabilities/chances are there.
  • Also pathankot has P ruling, P= 16th alphabet = 1+6=7 = Ketu. Year 2016 = 20-16 = effectively 20-7 as 16=1+6=7 = Moon-Ketu. Now again we see effects of ketu on the entire year. One could refer to the article below on rahu ketu axis written by me earlier.
  • Pathankot total  name number =sun=1.  1 and 4( number of rahu) are closely linked. Connect all this with Gurdaspur, here G= 7 and Mumbai attacks where m=13/4= rahu and yes Delhi ,where D=4.
  • Resurfacing of  terror attacks on 3rd Jan 2016 in pathankot airbase of India. 3 +1+9= 13/4= rahu. So as Rahu(terror activities ) once again  gains strength- there is a re-surge of energy.
  • Closure of attacks on 4th Jan at pathankot airbase station India. Rahu in India’s horoscope is still feeding energy to terror, but is weakened due to almost  transit into to Leo and other considerations


2016 horoscope predictions for India

  • 2016= 2+0+1+6 = 9 = Mars,26th January is a high risk for India. But I am sure with the capability India has and over 100+ core people praying all would be well.
  • There are several reasons for above deductions, but we will not get into the same now. The priority for security should be based on astrology and numerology Delhi, gurgaon, Ghaziabad, noida, Faridabad  based on chance of attacks.
  • Rahu by then would start absorbing some energy from Jupiter( though ruling 8th), so this reduces the chance somewhat. But still to be on the safer side one has to be cautious.
  • 66th year of Republic day  would be completing and we would get into 67th year  and 6+7 = 13= rahu.
  • Nothing to worry, GOD is with India and all would be well. Our prayers are much stronger can deflect anything in the world.

Astrology 2016 Horoscope & Predictions for India:


  • India runs mercury –venus.Venus is weak in Leo and affects 4th house- family and public life of India.
  • On the day of terror attack Venus was in Scorpio in 7th house, yes weak on a weak mars. Venus rules 6th house, the house of conflicts /fights as well. So overall not good transit for India. Along with affects of rahu, rahu- Venus forms a concoction of  devils/terrorists- rest is history. As Venus we know is the guru/teacher of devils (shukracharya)
  • The only down side is rahu coming in 4th house/public life and family of India. But Jupiter’s protection is there. On 26th Venus is in Sagittarius, so protection of Jupiter, but in 8th So we have to be cautious.


May GOD bless ALL countries and races with peace and tranquility and right thoughts.


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