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CAPRICORN Description

  • Capricorn is ruled by planet Saturn- the planet of discipline and karma. It is an earth sign and rules south direction. It has a big body. It gains strength in nights and rises with its back.It lives in forests and lands both.It has four legs and second half is without foot, moves in water.
  • Avoiding This Would Make you Pure Gold:

  • Due to influence of Saturn, you may fight for people who are not that well to do or the downtrodden. Attracting ridicule of others.
  • You have to remember that you cannot always be a leader wherever you work- so try to work as a follower as well.
  • Fit in the society well by avoiding any peculiar views about love matters or about society etc.
  • Your talent- That You Should Polish To Shine Like a Gem:

  • You are a good thinker and with a ability to analyze matters- use this ability to grow to the zenith of life.
  • You have a deep thinking capability hidden in you- so use this to maximum benefit to understand anything at closer quarters.
    You have a good mental power- sharpen this further.
  • Your Friendship:

  • You could get along well with Capricorns,Taurus,Gemini and Virgo.
  • You can see you get along with people with mercury element in them( virgo and Gemini & also Taurus- that is venus ruled signs)
  • Your Lucky Years:
    20,30 ,28,35,44, 33, 53
    Your Years Of Caution:
    19, 27,36,38, 47, 54
    Your Lucky Months:
    January, May, June, September.
    Your Lucky Color:
    Your Lucky Stones:

  • Moon stones. Which stone exactly would be suitable for you & which stone could work against you can be suggested only after study of your complete horoscope.
  • Lucky Stones Or Gemstones have been worn since ages by Kings,Great Emperors,Sages and Common Man alike- to solve their wordly problems & Attract vibration of wealth, prosperity & Happiness from the cosmos to themselves. If You would like to know more about this- CLICK HERE gems-836763_1920 (1)
    Your Lucky Charm or Amulet:
    You could draw this on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket.
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