2016 SCORPIO LOVE Horosocope

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Take advantage of the time with regard to intense love and passion you may feel, avoid fights caused by high energy- forgive others .

This Year might be an eventful year for your emotions and love life. So You should take some extra care now.

January and February- Not a great time for love.

March could be a good time to enjoy love/passion and have fun. Avoid domination at your end. Your may visits libraries or religious places.

April could be a time for good passion and romance. This could be an eventful time. Avoid fights due to domination

May 2016 is a time to express your love and passion with your partner, without picking up any fights.

June: could be a fast moving time. Avoid being impulsive or hasty this time. Listen more and talk with care. Avoid haste.

July is a time for care and keeping the mind cool. Let not coldness come into relationships.

August could be a bit not so great time for love, but the core is to adjust. Be open and flexible.

September- could be a period that is restless one. There could be either less communication with lover or more than average. When you should take reins of what you say or communicate to your love through speech, sms or whatsapp.

October is a good time for warm and deeper love. Time to express yourself well to your loved one.
November month could have its hot and cools both. But more of hot and passionate love.

December: A great & passionate time for love and related matters. Let not insensitivity affect relationships. Note you need to be sensitive to your partner needs this time. So ensure you don’t bulldoze the other one.
Is great time for love, but control anger.

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Sudden spurt in emotions and connection to more number of people possible. Live in control


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